Jersey Nicknames

Jersey Nicknames

Postby Dratini927 on Mon Sep 23, 2013 7:11 pm

NBA may have Heat, Nets wear nicknames on jerseys

TIM REYNOLDS (AP Basketball Writer) 2 hours ago AP - Sports
NBA may have Heat, Nets wear nicknames on jerseys

Former Connecticut player and current Miami Heat NBA star Ray Allen gestures during a program honoring …

MIAMI (AP) -- So long, James, Allen, Pierce and Garnett.

At least for one game, King James, Jesus Shuttlesworth, The Truth and KG may be headed to the backs of NBA jerseys.

Some members of the Miami Heat have been told the NBA is considering having them and the Brooklyn Nets wear ''nickname jerseys'' in at least one of their four matchups this season. The NBA has not announced the plan, but teams apparently have been aware of the likelihood of it happening for at least several weeks.

''It shows growth in our league and it shows we do adapt to what's going on around us,'' said Allen, the Heat guard who plans to wear Shuttlesworth on his jersey, a nod to his character from the ''He Got Game'' film. ''And we're still kids, playing a kids' game. Even though we're now men playing a kids' game, we still remember where we come from. Everybody had a nickname and it's a way to let the fans in a little bit more.''

Players were asked to submit what names they would want on the jerseys.

Four-time NBA MVP LeBron James is expected to wear ''King James.'' Heat guard Dwyane Wade would have any number of nicknames to choose from, with ''Three'' - both his jersey number and championship-ring total - being his current favorite.

Brooklyn forward Paul Pierce has been called ''The Truth'' for many years, and fellow new Nets forward Kevin Garnett has long been known by his initials.

The Heat and Nets are among the preseason favorites in the Eastern Conference, which Miami has won in each of the past three seasons.

Miami forward Shane Battier - who wasn't exactly thrilled about the nickname idea - said he wanted to wear ''Batman'' on his jersey, though was told that Warner Brothers holds the rights to that name, and other players have also had to deal with copyright-related issues with their suggested monikers. Battier said he'll go with ''Shaneo'' instead.

''Fans will like it and so will a lot of the players,'' Allen said. ''Guys will get a good kick out of it.''

Terrible idea. ... --nba.html
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Re: Jersey Nicknames

Postby therealdeal on Tue Sep 24, 2013 9:56 am

This is a stupid moneygrab.

And I don't buy it.

What about the guys on the team without nicknames?
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Re: Jersey Nicknames

Postby lakerfan2 on Tue Sep 24, 2013 10:19 am

This is a professional league, not And-1 or whatever it's called nowadays.

Maybe during the All-Star game, but that's it. Besides, I've already seen Kobe jersey's with Black Mamba on it.

Get with the program.
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Re: Jersey Nicknames

Postby dj vitus on Tue Sep 24, 2013 10:53 am

Is this a joke?
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Re: Jersey Nicknames

Postby dj vitus on Tue Sep 24, 2013 11:10 am

They could put together a superhero exhibition team with Superman, Mighty Mouse, Popeye, Plastic Man, and Elevator Man. :bow:
"Why are they blocking out all the good stuff? They let Sarah Jessica Parker's face on TV and she looks like a foot!!"
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Re: Jersey Nicknames

Postby Juronimo on Tue Sep 24, 2013 11:18 am

So who gets the wheelchair nickname on their jersey? Paul Pierce or Dwyane Wade? Maybe they can pillowfight over it, or have a flopping contest.

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Re: Jersey Nicknames

Postby juninho on Tue Sep 24, 2013 11:37 am

dwill with coach killer? They gonna allow AK47?
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Re: Jersey Nicknames

Postby MadMax on Tue Sep 24, 2013 11:47 am

juninho wrote:They gonna allow AK47?

Good question. I doubt they would allow that.

It's unfortunate that Ruben Patterson is no longer in the league. :man12:
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Re: Jersey Nicknames

Postby pound4pound1 on Tue Sep 24, 2013 12:03 pm

a black 24 with 'Mamba' on the back would be pretty sick
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Re: Jersey Nicknames

Postby Weezy on Tue Sep 24, 2013 1:10 pm

It's not a big deal, but I do think it's stupid. This isn't And-1, it's the NBA, it should be a little more professional than that.
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Re: Jersey Nicknames

Postby Rooscooter on Tue Sep 24, 2013 1:12 pm

A bunch of guys feeding the egos of the players.... also I'm sure it has something to do with the marketing of the league and endorsements before it's all said and done.

I agree that it's stupid..... and unnecessary.
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Re: Jersey Nicknames

Postby John3:16 on Tue Sep 24, 2013 9:22 pm

Vino or Black Mamba?

Good thing Shaq is retired. No jersey known to man could hold all his nicknames.
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Re: Jersey Nicknames

Postby puffyusaf#2 on Tue Sep 24, 2013 11:25 pm

hell yea why not. Everyone is doing it right
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Re: Jersey Nicknames

Postby Iceberg Slim on Wed Sep 25, 2013 1:55 pm

It sounds cool upon first thought, but no. This isn't the XFL (remember that league?) and I think long term, it's not a look the league wants to have. To be perfectly honest, I'm surprised the league is even tinkering with the idea. This is the same league who imposed a dress code because it felt it had an image problem. New way to sell jersey's? Sure, that would work. But from a professional sense, I'm not entirely sure the consumer wants to see this happen. One night only affair (if ever): Halloween. - personal blog

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Re: Jersey Nicknames

Postby BDG on Wed Sep 25, 2013 2:06 pm

Slava laughed at the suggestion his skills might be affected by the down time. "Are you kidding?" he said. "Basketball is like ball. It's all a circle."

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Re: Jersey Nicknames

Postby GoldenChocobo on Wed Sep 25, 2013 2:49 pm

Ray Allen must be thrilled to wear this Judas jersey.
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Re: Jersey Nicknames

Postby Frank Dux on Wed Sep 25, 2013 4:28 pm

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Re: Jersey Nicknames

Postby S.R.05 on Wed Sep 25, 2013 7:30 pm

sounds pretty corny
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