Kendall Marshall Thread: The Marshall is Out! (waived)

Re: Kendall Marshall Thread: The Marshall is Out! (waived)

Postby Weezy on Sat Jul 19, 2014 10:05 pm

I'm not saying we need Sessions, real, just a backup PG in general. IMO Nash isn't gonna play, and Henry and yes, Kobe, are the biggest injury risks behind him. Not that Kobe has ever been an injury risk, but with his age and the severity of his last 2 injures, I have to think the risk is there. So when Nash goes down, we only have Lin. Say Henry slides over to the backup 1, then Clarkson is backup 2 to Kobe. Then what if Kobe gets hurt? Henry has to go back to the 2 spot. Or what if Henry gets hurt? We're in trouble then because we don't have another PG, we have got to add one.

I think ever other position we have is deep enough to avoid this issue. Say a SF gets hurt, Kobe and Henry can play that spot too along with Young and Wes. And PF, Randle, Boozer, Kelly, we're covered. Same with center, Hill, Davis, Sacre. We can't be 1 1/2 deep at PG, gotta add one more. Not trying to be negative, but the guys I listed IMO are the biggest risks to go down and I don't want a repeat of last season, I want an insurance PG to prevent that.
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Re: Kendall Marshall Thread: The Marshall is Out! (waived)

Postby therealdeal on Sun Jul 20, 2014 10:39 am

Yeah that I agree with. I'd like to add either a PG or another SF.

Like you said I don't want to be stuck with just Lin. I would like a vet presence there though like Ridnour would be a good fit. A guy who can step in for time, but might not demand everything that Sessions probably deserves to.

Barring that though I'd take another solid wing so that if Henry has to step into that PG role again, we have a wing to play some minutes there.
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Re: Kendall Marshall Thread: The Marshall is Out! (waived)

Postby wcsoldier81 on Tue Jul 22, 2014 12:09 am

Brooks would have been fine ... but he's going to the Bulls

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