LeBron James to produce Starz sitcom

LeBron James to produce Starz sitcom

Postby Basketball Fan on Tue Sep 03, 2013 7:30 am

http://espn.go.com/nba/truehoop/miamihe ... arz-sitcom

LeBron James to produce sitcom

NEW YORK -- After LeBron James won his second NBA championship this year, he talked about the improbability of his journey -- ascending to world fame despite growing up with challenge after challenge in the inner city.

Now James plans to explore that theme as part of "Survivor's Remorse," a new show he's developing with Starz.

While he won't star in the half-hour sitcom, the Miami Heat superstar will be one of the executive producers of the show, which will explore the lives of two men from the streets who attain fame -- one is an NBA star and one is not -- and how they deal with friends and families in the wake of that success.

"I think the main thing for me is, first of all, making it out of a place where you're not supposed to. You're supposed to be a statistic and end up like the rest of the people in the inner city -- (and) being one of the few to make it out and everyone looking at you to be the savior," the James said in a phone interview last week.

"When you make it out, everyone expects for -- they automatically think that they made it out and it's very tough for a young, African-American 18-year-old kid to now hold the responsibility of a whole city, of a whole community. I can relate to that as well," said James, who was 18 when he came to the NBA and is now a 28-year-old veteran.

James is developing the show with his longtime friend and business partner, Maverick Carter; Tom Werner, the producer behind classic shows like "Roseanne" and "The Cosby Show"; and actor Mike O'Malley, who will be an executive producer and is the show's writer. Paul Wachter will also be an executive producer.

"It's definitely not an autobiographical series about my life or LeBron's life; it's fictional characters living in a fictional world," said Carter, before adding with a laugh: "LeBron is actually too famous, he would screw the show up if I tried to make a show about him."

The show is based in North Philadelphia instead of Akron, Ohio, where the two are from: "More people can relate to it," explained Carter of Philadelphia.

Still, Werner said the inspiration for the series started in part with conversations he had with Carter, and later James, about their lives.

"I think the juxtaposition of great wealth -- and then you go back to your home in Akron and the neighborhood that you come from -- the chasm is a fairly big one, and I think it's some very interesting story material," he said.

Werner, James and Carter have worked together since 2011. They are part of Fenway Sports Group, and Werner is the chairman of the organization, which combines sports, media and entertainment. Werner said they were "delighted" to bring the show, which is in development but has no firm timetable to air, to Starz.

Starz CEO Chris Albrecht said the show would be different for the channel, whose original programming includes the recently launched "The White Queen."

"It's a contemporary piece, which we've been trying to find," he said. "But mostly it's an opportunity to bring us into a world where guys as producers and a terrifically talented guy as a writer who I think are going to take the audience on an interesting, fun and I would bet funny ride."

However, there will be serious subjects tackled in the show. Werner compared "Survivor's Remorse" to shows like "Roseanne," which dealt with difficult situations with humor interspersed with serious moments.

"Nobody's getting killed, nobody's dying from cancer on this show," Carter said. "It's light-hearted, but its real-life stories."

James said though it's been years, survivor's remorse is still something he feels.

"I live with that, knowing that I have to hold a huge burden and responsibility that a lot of people cannot even think about," he said.
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Re: LeBron James to produce Starz sitcom

Postby John3:16 on Wed Sep 04, 2013 8:35 am

Sounds like a great idea. How to get out of the ghetto, by Lebron James. First step, be 6'8" with freakish athletic ability.
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Re: LeBron James to produce Starz sitcom

Postby Doc Brown on Wed Sep 04, 2013 8:49 am

2nd step - Drive a Hummer in High School and skip College.
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Re: LeBron James to produce Starz sitcom

Postby JSM on Wed Sep 04, 2013 5:16 pm

Can't wait to not watch it.
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Re: LeBron James to produce Starz sitcom

Postby Battle Tested20 on Wed Sep 04, 2013 9:06 pm

JSM wrote:Can't wait to not watch it.
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Re: LeBron James to produce Starz sitcom

Postby Basketball Fan on Wed Feb 05, 2014 1:51 pm

I'm not much of a LeBron fan but I could be interested in this one

http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-f ... ies-677421

LeBron James Comedy Gets Series Order at Starz

"Survivor's Remorse" hails from writer and "Glee" Emmy nominee Mike O'Malley and will premiere in the fall.

The premium cabler has ordered to series the James-produced half-hour comedy Survivor's Remorse, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.
The half-hour scripted comedy series hails from exec producers James, Tom Werner, Mike O'Malley, Maverick Carter and Paul Wachter. O'Malley, also a writer on Showtime's Shameless and an Emmy nominee for his role on Glee, will pen the project. The comedy, which was first announced in September, is being fast-tracked and will premiere in the fall on Starz.
Survivors Remorse is set in the world of professional basketball and explores the comedy and drama of an experience that everyone reads about, but few understand -- what truly happens when you make it out. Starz has ordered six episodes of the series.

The story follows Cam Calloway, a basketball phenom in his early 20s who is suddenly thrust into the limelight after signing a multimillion-dollar contract with a professional basketball team. Cam, along with his cousin and confidant Reggie Vaughn, move to Georgia to start Cam’s journey to success. The two confront the challenges of carrying opportunistic family members and their strong ties to the impoverished community that they come from. Cam, Reggie and an unforgettable group of characters wrestle with the rewards and pitfalls of stardom, love and loyalty.
James and Carter have been in business with Werner since 2011, when they partnered with Fenway Sports Group. The latter, for which Werner serves as chairman, owns soccer’s Liverpool Football Club and the Boston Red Sox. For his part, Wachter, a prominent Los Angeles-based financial adviser, has been business partners with James and Carter since 2004 and with Werner since he sold the Padres as Werner's investment advisor in 1995.
James, a nine-time NBA All-Star, will serve as an executive producer along with Wachter, Carter and Werner, whose vast producing credits include The Cosby Show, Roseanne, 3rd Rock From the Sun and That ’70s Show.
"Ever since I got cut from the freshman hoop team at Bishop Guertin High School in 1980, I've wanted to write about my love and hatred of basketball,” O’Malley said. “Starz has given us great freedom to explore an authentic world inspired by Maverick and LeBron. Tom’s legendary TV career and his experiences as a professional sports owner combined with Paul’s wealth of business and entertainment industry relationships have given this team a truly strong foundation to build a successful series.”
Added Starz CEO Chris Albrecht: “Mike has infused the world of ‘Survivor’s Remorse’ with humor and heart. Along with LeBron, Maverick, Tom and Paul, we feel we really have an all-star team to capture the complexity and comedy inherent to this series.”
The series will be filmed in Atlanta, with Stars retaining all domestic and international multiplatform rights including TV, home entertainment and digital.
Survivor's Remorse joins an original programming roster that includes dramas Black Sails andDaVinci's Demons and the upcoming Power, Outlander and Flesh and Bone.
Casting has already begun; a specific premiere date for Survivor's Remorse has not yet been determined.
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