Magic continue to play the blame game

Magic continue to play the blame game

Postby JSM on Sat Mar 13, 2004 2:36 pm

First they fire Doc, now they demote Gabriel (their GM) to an advisor and a scout, what kind of a condolence prize is that. We don't want you to be our GM anymore, but you can give us a few pointers now and then and scout some local talent; I would have told them thanks, but no thanks. Well, here is the article, get this, their new GM has never done anything like this before, he is a business man and has only dealt with the NHL prior to this...this should be funny to watch. Orlando Magic President Bob Vander Weide announced today that COO John Weisbrod has been named the team’s General Manager.

Weisbrod will oversee all aspects of basketball operations, including player acquisitions via the draft, free agency and trades, player development, scouting, salary cap management, contract negotiations, and staff personnel decisions.

John Gabriel, who has been with the Magic since its inception, and been the team’s General Manager since 1996, will serve as a team advisor and regional scout.

Weisbrod will conduct a search for an assistant general manager, while continuing to work with Director of Scouting Dave Twardzik and Director of Player Development Otis Smith. Scott Herring will take on the role of Director of Basketball Administration.

“The one constant in John Weisbrod’s background is winning,� says Vander Weide. “His grasp of team dynamics and his experience in building winning organizations make him a great fit for this role. He is a fierce competitor, which is something our organization needs right now. I also look forward to having more direct involvement in decisions regarding our team, which is something I haven’t had the opportunity to do the last few years. On behalf of ownership, we appreciate John Gabriel’s service to this organization in his role as General Manager, and will remember with fondness the times we had.�

Added Weisbrod, “This has been a difficult process. I consider John Gabriel a true friend. I do look eagerly forward to my new responsibility, and very much plan on making this team win again.�
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Postby rydjorker121 on Sat Mar 13, 2004 2:55 pm

yesterdays news....

anyway, thats true, I wouldn't EXACTLY call it a blame game, fact is they sorrowfully and dulifully needed some change in staff...they also changed their roster, but I'm not sure if waiving Rod Strickland was a good least he gave them some energy...

former Laker Tyronn Lue hasn't cashed in for the Magic...he doesn't have much playmaking skills either, except creating his own shot and being streaky...

none of the centers have stepped up for Orlando: Steven Hunter, Zaza Pachulia nd Andrew DeClercq. That's pitiful.

John Gabriel, though, got fired primarily for his Grant Hill fiasco, signing him to a 7 year, $91 million contract that kept the organization from signing any other marquee names--and only getting cheap ones. Especially since Grant couldn't recover from his injuries with the Magic, but hes too valuable to be waived--but it may have to be done, if nothing else works. No teams want to trade for him either. I wouldn't lay the blame on Gabriel, though, it was Grant's fault he couldn't heal, and Gabriel didn't deserve such treatment after he traded for Gooden and Juwan Howard. And don't forget, the team's sharpshooter--Pat Garrity--is injured.

But trashing Mike Miller to Memphis was one of the stupidest moves that Gabriel made--Miller was up and coming and T-Mac even expressed his contempt for that move. Trading Gordon Giricek for DeShawn Stevenson is also highly doubtful, who knows whether Stevenson and McGrady could coincide with each other.

Most of Gabriel's trades have been indecisive--so I guess the organization, fed up with the losing, did want to lay the blame on him.
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