NBA Awards

NBA Awards

Postby Lakers4PEAT on Sat Apr 12, 2003 6:15 pm

Rookie Of The Year ?

Coach Of The Year ?

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Postby Lakers4PEAT on Sat Apr 12, 2003 6:30 pm

Rookie Of The Year - Yao Ming
Coach Of The Year - Eric Musselmen
NBA MVP - Kobe Bryant

Yao Ming - As a rookie I think he's had the most successful impact for his team. Everyone seems to be favoring Stoudemiere from the Suns but they have great players already on that team with Shawn Marion, Penny Hardaway, Stephon Marbury. Magic, Kenny and Charles seemed to leave that out in their little awards show which dissapointed me, but whatever anyone says Yao is the rookie of the year in my book.

Eric Musselmen - His first year with the Warriors and they nearly snuck into the playoffs, he's changed both mental and phsyical attitude of his players. The team simply plays with more enthusiasism, however I just think they're a bit too inexperienced at the moment, but I look for them to make the playoffs next year.

Kobe Bryant - 40 point average in the month of February, what more can you say? He lifted his team when they needed it the most and literally on his own pushed the Lakers back into playoff contention.
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Postby clublakers on Sun Apr 13, 2003 10:56 am

Reddy, I removed the article you posted in here... those extrordinarily long posts still get scrambled, and with the duplication it went on for about 10 pages.

Now, down to business...

Rookie Of The Year - Amare Stoudemire (why not. Stats are very similar to Ming's though. I hope they don't name co-rookies of the year again.)

Coach Of The Year - Rick Adelman (booooo... yeah, I know, but they continue to win games with many different linups due to injuries. Musselmen is a good pick as well, but I'm hesitant to award it to a sub-.500 team)

NBA MVP - Tim Duncan (still a one man show in San Antonio, and still winning a ton of games with his stability. Earl Boykins is a close second, but that goes without saying.)
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Postby Danny Ainge on Sun Apr 13, 2003 11:13 am

Rookie-Amare Stoudamire-The gut is a beast and has the had the best season ever for someone coming out of high school as he propels his team into the playoffs.

Coach-Mussleman- He has done a remarkable job pulling these ego's and talents together. Lets just hope this recent success is not fool's gold as the Clipper's was just a season ago.

M.V.P.-Kobe Bryant- Even though as a Laker fan I need not defend my pick, I shall do so anyway. The guy is a super freak, he does it all rebound, pass, play defense, hits game winning jumpers, gets to the foul line and makes free throws with effienciency. He been on sportscenter more that anyone else with an endless array of highlights documenting his spectacular dunks. Oh did I mention that he averaged 40 points in the month of February something only done by 2 previous players. He set an NBA record 12 three-pointers against the Sonics. The list goes on...but lets for once see the fact he is playing out there with players with inferior cabability. Night in and night out he dominates. And he makes his teamates better. If these are not the traits that make up an M.V.P I don't what are.
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Postby Lakers Dynasty 2000 on Sun Apr 13, 2003 12:25 pm

Rookie Of The Year: Amare Stoudamire
The man... Whoops... Kid is absolutly a monster, he is a great player, you can see his improovments, and his late season surge has made him the best rook this year, by far, forget yao, you got my pick Amare!

Coach Of The Year: Don Nelson
You have to give it to Nelson, he has led this squad to come together in the season... Keyword: Season... But I give my pick to him, great coaching, great wins. Great award...

NBA MVP: Kobe Bryant
Tracy has what? a tenth of a point above Kobes scoring Average, well who cares! What kobe has done is not only MVP material, but historical. MVP is putting what he has done this season lightly...

Kobes Records:
9 straight 40 pt games
13 straight 35 pt games
16 straight 30 pt games
3rd player in NBA history to avg over 40 for a whole month
Youngest player in NBA history to score 10,000 points in a career
Set Lakers franchise record with 42 points in a single half.

Plus not to think that he did most to all of this stuff, while still in the offense and winning games. If that's not MVP material, what is? Seriously...
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Postby Reddy on Sun Apr 13, 2003 3:49 pm

KOBE 4 MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:


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