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Postby ELF on Wed Jun 25, 2003 6:46 am

SB, if you think Phil would go for 3 new starters in our line up you are crazy. You don't have to worry about Mitch, Phil will never let that happen. Hell Kobe won't go for that. What I don't understand that many of you think the lakers need a complete overhaul and I disagree, as does many so called experts. We just need to tweak the team. A couple overhaul with 3 new starters, is not the way to go for our Beloved Lakers. We need to focus on the PG/PF positions and look for another backup SF to help George out until Fox returns. Another reason we don't want Lewis, is money and if you checked everything out you would notice that Lewis made 6.233 mill last year and that salary jumps to 8.5 this year and 9.2 mill in 2004-2005 season. Now tell me how the hell we're going to be afford Shaq contract, Kobe will have a new contract (around 15 mill, also they butter check with Kobe about any potential trades or moves. If you think the Grizzlies aren't positions themselves for a run a Kobe you are crazy. And moving D. Fisher and D. George wouldn't make Kobe happy), and afford Lewis at 9 million. We will never be able to sign another player. See, this overhauls are not good business for the future; maybe one year but not the future. This move would kill us for the future. We would be renting Terry for a year and then he would leave for more money. Are you serious about giving James Posey our MLE? Man, that is crazy. He's not worth 5 million! Again, I say I'm glad Mitch is the GM.

Also, Snakell Beast don't take things so personal. I wasn't degrading your analysis, I was just having fun man. Some folks take things too personal on this site.

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