Rookie of the year

Rookie of the year

Postby Laker brain on Tue Jun 24, 2003 3:01 am

I think the ROY next year will be Lebron James, I think this because Cleveland will probably start Him for ratings, and he also may be a starter during the All Star game like Yao Ming, he'll have work cut out for him, because the East has AI and T-Mac to compete with.
Lebron has a Ron Artest body, not the quickest guard in the draft, but has good Athleticism, and work ethic. He can't play Defense, and can't shoot well from mid range, Lebron has a High School 3 pointer, but it isn't very accurate, he abused high schooler because of his size, but in the NBA he'll have great defenders on him like Kobe, Artest, and Garnett.
I see him averaging 16 ppg and 7rpg and 5asst. playing 32 mpg.
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