Steve Kerr retires

Steve Kerr retires

Postby LaKeRsDyNaStY on Thu Aug 07, 2003 6:23 pm



Postby rydjorker121 on Thu Aug 07, 2003 6:52 pm

glad to see him working for TNT. Who's he gonna replace-Magic or Ernie? i can't imagine Kenny or Barkley leaving. Unless he's the 5th guy on their crew. :bow:
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Postby Kobe834 on Thu Aug 07, 2003 7:23 pm

Why? Dude still got game.
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Postby FabFourLakers on Fri Aug 08, 2003 12:03 am

Kobe834 wrote:Why? Dude still got game.

and karma

I like Kerr joining TNT, he fits in with tha crew nicely.
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Postby echo nation on Fri Aug 08, 2003 1:19 am

let him replace Magic.... i love Magic and all but the guy should stick to recruiting or something
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Postby LakersGyrl2003 on Fri Aug 08, 2003 4:16 am

Well at least he went down with a title, and he lit it up that series too... :man1:

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