Stories Around the League

Stories Around the League

Postby JSM on Fri Dec 05, 2003 8:17 pm

I found some of these stories to be quite interesting and thought yall might be interested in them. They include, a trade that might a been, releases, player signings, injuries, players being activated, and a few other things.

The other LA team, the Clipps have activated Brand. Hopefully he can give them some help, because they need it. We will find out just how much he can help them out with tonight's game against the Jazz.
Toni Kukoc has to go on the IR, he is suffering back spasms. Since they need someone to fill his shoes...the Bucks have signed Dan Langhi.
On of the Magic's injured players finally comes back...Shammond Williams was activated and is playing tonight. He should be able to score a little for them, which is something they desperately need, so they can try and get a win sometime in the near future.
Amare gets hurt in tonight's game vs. the Celtics. Stoudemire sprained his left ankle, whether he will be forced to miss any games is yet to be determined.
The Spurs buyout the rest of Anthony Carter's contract and say good-bye to him.They decided to release him, because he was suffering tendentious in his left knee. This makes the Spurs even weaker and it means Hart will have to be their back-up pg.
Should Zo make the Hall of Fame? Well it sounds like a good argument both ways, I think it's a tough decision. He was one of the elite big men when he played, but he only played for 8 that enough to make it? WHat do yall think?.....Well here is what Marty Burns & Jack McCallum thought about it
Marty Burns: Bailey Howell. Andy Phillip. Arnie Risen. No, they're not members of David Stern's legal team. They're members of the Pro Basketball Hall of Fame. Their names aren't recognizable to the average NBA fan, yet they've been granted a sacred place in Hoops Heaven. If they're in, then why not Alonzo Mourning?

Granted, Mourning never won an NBA title. Also, 'Zo played only eight seasons before being diagnosed with his kidney disease.

Mourning grew up, and his game blossomed. Though he never lost his cartoonish scowl, he learned to control his ferocity.And he put up better career numbers than several Hall of Famers, including Howell, Phillip, Risen and newly elected Hall members Robert Parish and James Worthy.

Over those first eight seasons, Mourning averaged 21 points and 10 rebounds. He was a seven-time All-Star. He won two Defensive Player of the Year awards. He led the Heat to the Eastern Conference finals.

When it comes to any sports Hall of Fame, the standards are relative. The Basketball Hall of Fame is a big tent. If Howell, Phillip and Risen are in, then 'Zo should be there, too.

Jack McCallum: I just don't think his nine seasons at the top of his game are quite enough to merit Hall of Fame inclusion.

How many is enough? I don't know. But I've always thought that a Hall of Fame player should be dominant for at least a decade.

There is no question that 'Zo's kidney disease is all that stands between him and the HOF. But one thing you don't want is for a Hall of Fame to become a Hall of Asterisks.

Countless others players in other sports would be Hall of Famers if not for injuries and, in rare cases such as Mourning's, illness.

One other thing: I might waive the decade thing had Mourning been able to lead one of his teams (Charlotte or Miami) near a championship. He couldn't do that.

Portland decided to go with Person; instead of Eric Williams, Tony Battie, Kedrick Brown, Walter McCarty and Mike James. The Blazers were made an offer by the Celtic, but turned it down. They were offered Battie, Brown, McCarty, James, and Williams for Bonzi, Patterson and McInnis. I think they should have gone with the Boston deal in this one, at least they would get rid of another troublemaker (Patterson) and get sometihng in return. And Boston would have been deadly with Baker, Pierce, and Bonzi.
Expect for the Blazers to try and make another run at K-mart after this season, what proof...the Blazers GM, John Nash, is obsessed with K-Mart. He even named one of his horses after him :man3:
Webber needs money, so what does he do...sue his hoe company. He claims his shoe company for breach of contract, conspiracy to defraud and a host of other accusations.
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