Summer's over...and other news

Summer's over...and other news

Postby rydjorker121 on Tue Sep 02, 2003 12:29 pm

EnglishTaxiDriver wrote:
Hello folks. Well the summer's basically over. I don't know what it is that tells us this. When we go back to school or work. When the weather isn't as hot. When you see the Jerry Lewis telethon that's been unsuccessful for the past 50 years... But in any case, with computer viruses and all that, I've missed a lot so it's time to update you on the summer's events....

Team USA dominates World Championships

Now let's just hope they play this way in Athens next year. Lots of credit has to go to Larry Brown, who was able to put egos aside and convince everyone to play like a team. The former dream team coach, Rudy Tomjanovich, well whenever his team lost, he seemed to lose control, of his bladder... It's worldwide events like this that makes me earn new respect for broadcasters, they have enough foreign names to speak during the NBA season, but during these events, the entire opposing team have impossible names.

Kobe Bryant in deep trouble

It's funny how much of a domino effect Kobe Bryant has had. Lots of NBA players seem to decide to stay put and don't even want to leave the house in fear of what they might get into. It's actually a sad state in the NBA, when we have NBA players who say "Kobe Bryant taught me my lesson. I better think twice before having a 20 year-old girl in my bedroom who I never met before." I don't know, but I find it sad they didn't know this beforehand. Kobe Bryant had a busy month otherwise, winning at the teen choice awards. Which is ironic, because if he is guilty, he didn't give that teen much of a choice. I don't want to go too much into detail since this is a family column, but I don't think he's guilty. I think he might have gotten a little too aggressive and told to stop but that's it....

P. Diddy buying the Knicks?

Last week was the Video Music Awards, so I guess we can discuss music issues. There was a rumor P. Diddy wanted to buy the Knicks. And the way the team is being run these days, I think anybody would be better than current management. Just when we were ready to praise Scott Layden (the guy that puts the square in Madison Square Garden) after draft night, he goes ahead and trades Latrell Sprewell, the team's best defensive player, for Keith Van Horn. I think P. Diddy would make better decisions than Layden. Let's think about his ex-girlfriend here. J. Lo's [Swearing is not permitted at Clublakers. You must edit this post prior to submitting.] would do a better job of playing defense than Keith Van Horn.

Losing Isaiah

It came as no surprise when Larry Bird took over the Pacers, that Isaiah Thomas wound up getting the ax. While Isaiah was struggling with his teams to get them to the playoffs, Rick Carlisle was getting the extremely untalented Pistons to the conference finals. I find it funny everyone wonders if Larry Bird fired Isaiah Thomas as a result of their rivalry. Am I the only other person that didn't forget when the entire world was saying how bad a coach he was?

Jason Richardson convicted in domestic violence incident

Jason Richardson, the 2003 slam dunk champion, is also a champion shover. He faces up to 93 days in jail after being convicted of an incident in which he reportedly shoved his ex-girlfriend so hard, she fell and struck her head against a wall, putting a large hole in it. That's not all, he also reportedly liked to bounce basketballs off her head.

Eric Montross retires

Try to restrain your tears. According to the Raptors management, is retiring from playing basketball because of a lingering foot injury. Eric Montross is retiring from playing basketball? That's news to me, when did he start?

Blackout shuts down East Coast

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe a USA basketball game had to be cancelled due to this. The blackout reportedly started in Ohio, and Cleveland was without electricity for quite some time. The citizens of Cleveland, obviously expecting more, asked, "If LeBron James is so great, how come he couldn't restore our power?"

Darrell Armstrong accused of slapping officer

Florida prosecutors filed charges against Darrell Armstrong after he was accused of slapping a female police officer on the wrist. Because of Darrell Armstrong's size, he was accidentally identified as Gary Coleman, almost ruining his California Governor campaign for news he got into trouble again. You ever notice how it's always the tiny ones accused of trying to physically assault someone? Their anger is taller than their size.

NBA Players music videos

The MTV video music awards were last week, but unbeknowst to many of us, many NBA personalities shot music videos with very famous music acts that unfortunately weren't nominated, here are the five videos in a category I'll call best duo between player and

Kobe Bryant featuring R. Kelly- "Bump N Grind 2003"

Mark Madsen featuring Sean Paul- "Dances Like White"

Jason Richardson featuring Ludacris- "Move B**** 2003"

Allen Iverson featuring DMX- "Will We Show Up (or get arrested first)?"

NBA referees feautirng Justin Timberlake- "Rasheed Wallace, Cry Me a River"
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