My take on tomorrow's trade deadline

My take on tomorrow's trade deadline

Postby JSM on Wed Feb 18, 2004 11:24 pm

I think most of these teams will look to deal, and here is their situation, what they have and what the offers are.

Magic-they can't get any worse. They are trying to move Howard, they have found a few takers, but haven't found anything they want in return. They will either deal with the Bulls, Raptors, Sixers, or T-Wolves. Also they have shown some interest in a Snow for Howard, they might end up taking this one, but I would think the Sixers would have to throw in some big man, perhaps McCaskill or Hamilton.

-they want Sheed gone. Teams have been calling them constantly about his services. Isiah really wants him, and he wants to go to the Big Apple. I wouldn't be surprised to see Deke, K. Thomas, and Shannon Anderson involved in a package sent to the Hawks to get Sheed. I mean the Hawks have N'diaye as their starting center as of now, I don't see them keeping him as a starter for long.

Sixers-I don't think AI will be gone, even though it's a possibility, but who could they get for him, the only deal I have heard is-Francis for AI. Odds are the 76ers will part with Snow to Orlando and Aaron McKie to Chicago for Jerome Williams.

Knicks-Isiah will pull something else off, he wants to win, he wants to make great moves, I think he has one left. It will probably involve getting Sheed, if this fails, look for him to sign Vin, but only as a last resort. There have been a lot of rumors Deke may be on his way out of town, the Pistons have shown some interest in him, but would they be willing to give up Atkins (who is on the block) for Deke and a guard. Also, Thomas will try and pull the trigger on the Patterson for Anderson deal, that is unless Anderson would be part of the Deke deal, or the Sheed deal.

Mavs-Walker and Jamison have both been rumored to be trade bait, since they got there. I don't think they will keep both. I think they will part with one of them, and odds are it would be Jamison, it isn't a secret they desperately need a decent big man, preferably a center ,they will try to get one tomorrow, if they can't then they will sit tight.

Raptors-the biggest rumor involving the Raptors right now is-Peterson & Marshall to the Sonics for Barry and Radmanovic. If this deal doesn't go through, I still think they will look to move Peterson, Detroit could be a strong possibility.

Sonics-Barry is on the market, they have gotten a lot of offers for him. Magic, Raptors, and Celtics seem like the biggest contenders in getting him. If they deal with the Raptors fall through, I imagine they would look into the C's deal again, Ainge is dangling Mills and he would probably throw in one of his PG's, too.

Pistons-they want to make an addition, and are willing to part with Atkins. They are going after Sheed, Dampier, Francis, and AI. I think they may be able to get Dampier, since GS knows they will need someone like Atkins, since NVE is out the door next year.

Heat-they aren't going anywhere this year, and have thrown Brian Grant out as trade bait, and they have received some bites. The question is-would they be willing to give him up for Giricek and Howard or whoever the Sixers are willing to give them, if not then they won't make any noise, those are the only 2 teams that have shown a lot of interest in Grant, so I don't see them talking with anyone else about a trade.

-Teams are at the door, waiting to get one of their guys. Not one Bull is safe. their young big men have been in a lot of trade rumors, Crawford has drawn a lot of interest, Jerome Williams, and Fizer have also peaked some teams interest. I think they will move Crawford, Williams, and Fizer. The Knicks may take Crawford, if they can't get anything else. The Clipps have shown interest in their big men, the Magic have shown interest in Fizer, and the Sixers have taken a liking to Williams. If they don't make a trade, I will be shocked.

-Ainge wants to unload Mills, some team will be willing to pick him up, possibly the Sonics.

Clippers-Jaric and Ely have been the topic of trade rumors in LA. A possible deal with the Bulls could be done, but if this deal doesn't happen, I think they will stay where they are.

Jazz-They want to free up some cap room. They have been wanting to unload either Clark or Ostertag, the Suns were offering them Googs and a couple picks for Clark, so this may be looking into a little tomorrow. I guess we will see.

Warriors-the deal with the Blazers went nowhere, and Dampier still remains a hot commodity. The Pistons, Mavs, and probably the other 26 teams want him, so if they get a good offer, I expect Dampier to be gone.

Those are my takes on the current trade situation with each of the teams that might be making a move.
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Postby JSM on Wed Feb 18, 2004 11:43 pm

here is a big NY-GS rumor, they reported it on Fastbreak

Dampier and NVE to NY for K. Thomas, Deke and S. Anderson.

That would make the Knicks great.
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Postby Lakers Dynasty 2000 on Wed Feb 18, 2004 11:45 pm

Very interesting insight jsm. Great predictions.

As for the Knicks, I'll tell you what, they went from pretenders to contenders very well this year. If they can get this trade through -- look out!
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Postby JSM on Thu Feb 19, 2004 5:59 pm

well I was a little off, 5 of these 14 teams made a deal today, I was surprised in the deals that were made and also, surprised that some of those deals weren't made.
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Postby PiEdIe on Fri Feb 20, 2004 10:03 am

well sheed is on the pistons :jam2:


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