the all star voting so far

the all star voting so far

Postby PiEdIe on Thu Dec 11, 2003 9:52 am

all I have to say is that VC is getting most votes, the guards in the west is way spread out (except for kobe) and that I still dont understand why allen iverson wills tart for the east. allen iverson has one of the worst shot selections ever and he aint a top20 player in the nba.

now let's vote for playtin as a starter, he can still start if everybody votes alot


Another year of ridiculous All-Star junk...

Postby crucifido on Thu Dec 11, 2003 1:38 pm

It's clear (to me and the basketball people I know) by the off kilter and outlandish voting results every year that the fans should no longer vote for the all-stars.

From the year Alonzo got in the starting lineup, when he hadn't even played a minute, to Vince Carter being the leading vote getter this year, to Yao Ming beating out Shaq last year, to the countelss other fiascos that resulted from the voting, it's apparent that the fans (in general) only vote for people they are told about or see the most of in the media.

I honestly believe that players and coaches should vote for the all-stars, not fans or the media. Arrange it so players cannot vote for themselves, keep the coach with best record in each division as the coach for that respective division's team, and I think you'd get a much better balance of players (veterans, rookies, unknowns, popular players, etc.) on each squad. It wouldn't wind up being only the players that have the most face time on t.v. or the largest amount of endorsements in the stores.

On a similar note - is there anyone here or anywhere for that matter that really gives a rat's butt about the All-Star game or weekend whatsoever? I'd much prefer just a 1 week break in the action and let all this meaningless stuff slide.
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