The Clippers - Good Or Not?

The Clippers - Good Or Not?

Postby Guest on Sun Oct 12, 2003 3:52 pm

Last year they had 15 players on roster, with 13 of them playing for a new contract. Now that the garbage has been cleaned up of Olowakandi, Miller, Odom, Piatkowski, and Parks. Do the new look Clippers have a chance of improving?

Starting 5:
C: Predrag Drobnjak - 10 PPG
PF: Elton Brand - 18 PPG
SF: Corey Maggette - 16 PPG
SG: Quentin Richardson - 9 PPG
PG: Marko Jaric- 7 PPG

Glen Rice
Chris Kaman
Keyon Dooling
Melvin Ely
Tremaine Fowlkes
Eddie House
Wang Zhizhi

Bobby Simmons
Olden Polynice
Quinton Ross

I'm one of those optimistic Clippers fans, what do you guys think? How many games will they win?


Postby SWOL on Sun Oct 12, 2003 3:55 pm

talented but will still be the Clip joint
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Postby FabFourLakers on Sun Oct 12, 2003 3:59 pm

Well #8 in the west is for Houston to lose, the other teams that can get that #8 spot are the sonics, warriors, clippers and grizzlies...out of those teams right now, the sonics are the biggest threat to the Rockets in fightin for that 8 spot...but surprise teams like tha warriors or grizzlies could be threats too...

Im not so sure about the clippers of this year, if Maggette can prove that he can put up 20ppg and get about 8 rbg, the Clippers will excel...But if Brand becomes even more dominant than he already is, maybe increase his scoring avg from 18 to about 22 or 23, and get those rebounds from 11 to 13 or 14, the clippers will have a great one two punch from maggette and brand....but Jaric and Richardson may be key components on this team....and the rookie Kaman has promise

Clippers are a very quixotic team at this point...u jus dont know what to expect from them right now...but its good that nobody has placed expectations on tha they did last year
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Postby Guest on Sun Oct 12, 2003 4:12 pm

good point. Having a real good bench doesn't hurt either..Someone has to take the playoff spot of the Jazz..


Postby smilez on Sun Oct 12, 2003 6:16 pm

They have good players but i dont know how come they dont make it to the playoffs.
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Postby rydjorker121 on Sun Oct 12, 2003 8:13 pm

talented and Chris Kaman scored 17 points in 21 minutes last time..they could really have someone to step it up this year, Jaric, Dooling, Ely, Kaman, even WANG the scoring machine!
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Postby GaNgStA on Sun Oct 12, 2003 8:19 pm

[Swearing is not permitted at Clublakers. You must edit this post prior to submitting.] the clippers sorry azzes never made the playoffs


Postby Kobe834 on Sun Oct 12, 2003 10:05 pm

Kaman? They lost 3 starters. Good orNot? Not
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Postby SWOL on Mon Oct 13, 2003 1:14 am

the CLIPS will always be TRASH
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Postby clublakers on Mon Oct 13, 2003 1:47 pm

They maintained a couple of good players, but these good players don't even want to be there. They are going to be miserable, and they should challenge for the worst record in the league.
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