Trojan Horse Part II....Cuban Irked with DFish

Trojan Horse Part II....Cuban Irked with DFish

Postby LTLakerFan on Tue Feb 26, 2013 7:35 pm

Saw this hours ago, surprised it's not up yet. Fish is now head of players union in Billy Hunter's place if I read this correctly, and is an OKC Thunder player again. Cuban understandably (to me) is questioning this turn of events. ... --nba.html

Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks reportedly ‘agitated’ because of Derek Fisher’s move to Oklahoma City
By Kelly Dwyer | Ball Don't Lie – 10 hours ago

Derek Fisher played nine games for Dallas in 2012

On Monday, Derek Fisher officially signed with the Oklahoma City Thunder, a team in need of point guard depth after dealing the struggling Eric Maynor to the Portland Trail Blazers. The reaction was typical, most cannot understand what the Thunder saw in the 38-year old guard that couldn’t have found in greater and more efficient portions with a younger player. Still, Fisher’s minutes will be limited behind Russell Westbrook and (hopefully) Reggie Jackson, and it makes sense that the Thunder wants another assistant coach in warmup clothes on the bench and in the locker room.

The Dallas Mavericks, fighting to strain its way into the playoffs, apparently wanted the same thing. They had signed the same thing, in Fisher, earlier this season before letting Derek go after a knee strain and Fisher’s insistence on rehabbing the injury closer to his family out west.

A few months and a Players Association promotion later, Fisher is back as a player, and the Mavs were just as surprised as the rest of us. And, to hear’s Jeff Caplan tell it, rather aggrieved. From his story:
Apparently with 26 games left before the start of the playoffs, family concerns are no longer an issue for Fisher, who wore No. 6 for the Mavs because, as he said, he joined them on a quest for a sixth title. “This is not a pit stop,” Fisher told his new Dallas teammates.

Lo and behold, he will also wear No. 6 for the Thunder. He will make his second OKC debut in as many seasons at home Wednesday against the New Orleans Hornets.

So how do the jilted Mavs feel about this turn of events? Owner Mark Cuban did not reply to multiple emails on Monday, but one league source said the best way to describe the mood of the Dallas front office is “agitated.” The source said that Fisher and his representatives never contacted the Mavs during his decision-making process to discuss a possible return to Dallas, the team that, in good faith, initially signed him.

Caplan went on to draw uneasy parallels between this switch and one Fisher made in 2007, when he requested waivers from the Utah Jazz in order to find a team on the coasts to play with in order to find suitable medical attention for his daughter, who was suffering from a rare form of eye cancer. I don’t want to go that far, mainly because Fisher gave back more money to make the switch. He also allowed the Jazz significant payroll flexibility by taking the bloated contract Chris Mullin had signed him to three years before off of their books, and he was already in decline.

Fisher made the Finals in 2007-08 and won championships the next two years in Los Angeles, and Jazz fans never got over what they took as a slight. Even if Fisher did them a favor by handing all that money back, while taking less money to be a Laker.

As I noted yesterday, in the near-year since he was dealt from the Los Angeles Lakers, Derek Fisher has shot 34 percent. He is not a threat to penetrate, he is not much of a passer at this point, and for someone exuding that venerated veteran know-how, his turnover percentages of over 18 and 19 in his time last year with Los Angeles and this year with Dallas rank him amongst the worst point guards in the NBA. His defense would do the same.
Since 2009, he has averaged a single-digit PER, the mark of someone whose play suggests he should not be in the NBA. Why Dallas (who replaced Fisher with another struggling veteran in Mike James) and OKC want Fisher to play significant minutes on their basketball teams is beyond me. Because as much as a younger player might struggle, he’s still not going to miss 65 percent of his shots or turn the ball over in nearly one in five possessions he uses up. And that’s not even looking into veteran D-League types like Andre Barrett or even the improving Shelvin Mack.

Perhaps, though, the Thunder will be happy if Fisher barely makes it on the court this year, relegating his leadership to behind the scenes affairs. If that’s the case for the team’s front office, then I can understand the move. If it’s for the spottiest of spot duties, then Fisher is always a fine pickup.
And perhaps Dallas didn’t want Fisher, the player, back. They just wanted a call, after doing the guy a favor by sustaining his NBPA status and releasing him last December.

I can understand the personal aspect of it. Fisher was under no obligation to let the Mavericks know he was in talks with the Oklahoma City Thunder, and it’s not typical for ex-players to give ex-teams the ol’ ex-heads up before they put pen to paper with a new team. Fisher was waived under unorthodox circumstances, though. He asked to rehab his knee injury with his family before diving fully into the work of (rightfully) usurping Billy Hunter in the Players Association front office. Days after that work was done, he signed with the Thunder – a much, much better team that didn’t have use for Fisher earlier in the season (with Maynor’s potential still in place) when he signed with Dallas.

To read his statements, Fisher wants his tenure as Players Association leader to be a transparent, open affair with direct lines of communication and little backroom haggling away from his constituency. If this is his impetus as an executive, then the Fisher the player should have had no issue with giving Mark Cuban and the Mavericks the same cursory “heads up,” something in line with the favor that the Mavs granted Fisher earlier this season. Two favors, if you count their signing of the guard in the first place.

Especially when you consider the knowledge that, should Fisher hang on as the union’s top guy, he and Mark Cuban are going to be going at it across the negotiating table for years to come. Mark Cuban is made of 60 percent water and 40 percent perceived slights, so why negatively alter that relationship now?
And why oh why are these teams still after Derek Fisher, the player? And so ticked when he spurns them?

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Re: Trojan Horse Part II....Cuban Irked with DFish

Postby therealdeal on Tue Feb 26, 2013 7:38 pm


Derek Fisher the troll? Who would have thought?
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Re: Trojan Horse Part II....Cuban Irked with DFish

Postby Rooscooter on Tue Feb 26, 2013 8:12 pm

This is becoming a regular occurrence with Fisher.....

If I were Cuban I might be a little ticked off as well....
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Re: Trojan Horse Part II....Cuban Irked with DFish

Postby abeer3 on Tue Feb 26, 2013 9:48 pm

i guess i figured cuban saw the departure for what it was: fisher knew that dallas wasn't going anywhere this year, so he bailed. i fully expected him to try to latch on with a contender again. only thing i can imagine is that he told him, face to face, that that wasn't the case, and so cuban considers it a personal slight rather than a professional one.

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Re: Trojan Horse Part II....Cuban Irked with DFish

Postby 432J on Tue Feb 26, 2013 9:58 pm

i can definitely see where cuban is coming from and i'd be a little pissed about it too

wish he would have come back to LA
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Re: Trojan Horse Part II....Cuban Irked with DFish

Postby FabFourLakers on Tue Feb 26, 2013 10:10 pm

Even though ppl like Cuban deserve to be treated this way...I do see where he's coming from...and this is definitely a pattern of DFish. I hate to say this but I feel like he may be using his "family" as an excuse to get out of contracts and go sign with another team. That sounds really really bad but one has to start questioning this as he has done this more than a few least he could have waited until next season so that people like Cuban dont have to QUESTION his motives...I truly believe Fish had to be with his family but the way the situation looks right now would certainly make anybody question Fisher's word....
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Re: Trojan Horse Part II....Cuban Irked with DFish

Postby PurpleNGold1 on Wed Feb 27, 2013 2:10 am

im glad screw cuban another ex laker doing you dirtyyyy lol first lo/now dfish :jam2: :man10:
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Re: Trojan Horse Part II....Cuban Irked with DFish

Postby 432J on Wed Feb 27, 2013 8:41 am

PurpleNGold1 wrote:im glad screw cuban another ex laker doing you dirtyyyy lol first lo/now dfish :jam2: :man10:

definitely like that part :jam2:
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Re: Trojan Horse Part II....Cuban Irked with DFish

Postby khmrP on Wed Feb 27, 2013 8:48 am

why does this indirectly make it seem like its about "family" he only wanted to be closer to them for his rehab, didn't say family problems. So now he's recovered I guess, he doesn't owe Dall squat, they're the dumb ones. In fact he did them a favor by leaving, how stupid of a team to start Fisher over Collison? Collison ain't no CP3 but he sure as hella alot better than Fisher and since Fisher left Collison played better. If Fish had stayed who know the damage it would've done to Collison backing up a 36yr old who has no business being a staring PG in this league.
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Re: Trojan Horse Part II....Cuban Irked with DFish

Postby Doc Brown on Wed Feb 27, 2013 3:41 pm

I wouldn't be surprised if we get everyone back healthy next season and trade Gasol for some solid role players, Fish signs on to be the 3rd string PG.
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Re: Trojan Horse Part II....Cuban Irked with DFish

Postby Frank Dux on Wed Feb 27, 2013 7:28 pm

432J wrote:i can definitely see where cuban is coming from and i'd be a little pissed about it too

wish he would have come back to LA

Why? so we could have the worst 5 man point guard rotation of all time?
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Re: Trojan Horse Part II....Cuban Irked with DFish

Postby jimbo327 on Thu Feb 28, 2013 9:39 am

Cuban just mad that Mavs kind of suck.
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