What if the Trail Blazers had drafted Jordan (Continued)

What if the Trail Blazers had drafted Jordan (Continued)

Postby Guest on Sun Mar 14, 2004 11:10 pm

Jordan was drafted by the Bulls. He was always a True Bull. He carried a Ho-Hum Chicago Franchise in '85 allllll the way to the championship, with alot of dedication and hard work to his team. How many players in the past 30 years can u say that about?

BUT...on the other hand....look at Dr. J, who was MJ's idol. Dr. J turned the game of basketball from a shooting game to a dunking game. Jordan perfected it. Dominique Wilkins, this guy is so overlooked, i mean have u looked at this guy's stats??? If he only had some extra talent on his team, Hawks could have been NBA Champs as well. Michael Jordan? The Greatest Ever? No one really knows.

And about what if the Blazers would had drafted Jordan....Was it even possible to get both JOrdan AND Drexler? But if they had played on the same team...who knows how good they would have been. The '92 Blazers were a very dangerous team. If they had Jordan, their is no guarantee that they would have assembled the same exact players around them...i.e. Jerome Kersey, Terry Porter, etc. etc.

And Yes, if u looked at how Drexler complemented Olajuwon's game....him and JOrdan would have been UNSTOPPABLE...and very detrimental to the league.


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