where some of the remaining free agents might end up...

where some of the remaining free agents might end up...

Postby JSM on Tue Sep 16, 2003 2:37 pm

According to ESPN Insider the following places would be a perfect home, for the following free agents.

1. Stephen Jackson, SG/SF, Spurs (R)
Perfect Home: Atlanta Hawks
Second Choice: Portland Trail Blazers
The Skinny: The issue for Jackson right now is money. The problem is that the two teams that have a lot of it, the Jazz and Nuggets, don't really need him. The best fit is Atlanta. Now that the Hawks appear to have decided on an owner, maybe they can get the cash they need to bring in Jackson. Right now the team will be forced to start rookie Boris Diaw at the two. I like Diaw, but Jackson is clearly an upgrade right now. There's been a lot of talk that Jackson may wind up in Portland. The Blazers have their mid-level exception to throw his way, but he'll struggle to get consistent playing time with the Blazers.

2. Tyrone Hill, PF, Sixers
Perfect Home: Sacramento Kings
Second Choice: Seattle SuperSonics
The Skinny: The Kings may be the deepest team in the league, but they're still awfully thin at power forward. Brad Miller can come in and give spot minutes there, but it wouldn't hurt the Kings to add a tough veteran, especially given Chris Webber's tendency to end up on the IL at least once a season. Hill is the perfect fit. He's experienced, loves to do the dirty work and is holding out for a chance to compete for a championship. If the Kings don't come through, the Sonics could offer something almost as good -- playing time. Right now the team plans on using Vladimir Radmanovic and rookie Nick Collison at the four. If the Sonics are serious about making the playoffs this season, they'll need someone more seasoned to get it done in the paint.

3. Predrag Drobnjak, PF, Sonics (R)
Perfect Home: Utah Jazz
Second Choice: Denver Nuggets
The Skinny: The Jazz are running out of options. Now that it appears that the Hawks will match Utah's offer to Jason Terry, GM Kevin O'Connor needs to scramble to fill out his roster. The Jazz's biggest need is in the paint. Right now they have Greg Ostertag, Keon Clark, Curtis Borchardt and Jarron Collins. That's pretty ugly. Drobnjak is coming off a solid performance at the European Championships. He's not a great low-post scorer, but he can be dangerous in the high post and isn't a bad rebounder. I know the Jazz have had tough luck with restricted free agents, but a three-year, $10 million offer should be enough to scare the Sonics away. If the Jazz won't do it, the Nuggets probably should They too are a little weak up front and you know how much Kiki Vandeweghe loves those Euros.

4. Jim Jackson, SF, Kings
Perfect Home: Minnesota Timberwolves
Second Choice: Sacramento Kings
The Skinny: Jimmy Jackson just can't get any love. He's been a solid role player on the Heat and Kings the last two seasons, but still has a tough time shaking off a nasty rep earned earlier in his career. For the third straight season it looks like Jackson will have to swallow his pride and take the minimum to play for a contender. Minnesota might be the place. The T-Wolves are very thin at small forward at the moment, guaranteeing Jackson plenty of playing time on a team that will be dangerous this year. If the Wolves don't want him, the Kings still need him. With the loss of Hedo Turkoglu, they aren't exactly deep at small forward either. Given Peja Stojakovic's continuing ankle woes, the Kings could be in trouble if Peja goes down and Jackson is nowhere to be found.

5. Kenny Anderson, PG, Hornets
Perfect Home: Boston Celtics
Second Choice: Indiana Pacers
The Skinny: It was just over a year ago that Anderson's tough play pushed the Celtics further into the playoffs than anyone ever expected them to go. Then, inexplicably, the Celtics went out and traded Anderson to the Sonics for Vin Baker. It's time to right two wrongs with one right. I know Celtics fans are anxious to see rookie Marcus Banks do his thing. But if the Celtics are serious about the playoffs, they'll need more than a rookie point guard to get them deep. Anderson knows the system. He bought into it. He's going to come cheap. What's the problem? If the Celtics can't swallow their pride, the Pacers should snatch Anderson up. He won't solve all of Indiana's backcourt woes, but the Pacers, who are very serious about the playoffs, still need a veteran playmaker who's been there before -- no offense Anthony Johnson.

6. Vladimir Stepania, C, Heat
Perfect Home: Memphis Grizzlies
Second Choice: Portland Trail Blazers
The Skinny: Stepania isn't an all-star, but he is the holder of one stat that may surprise you. Stepania ranked second in the NBA in rebounds per 48 minutes. Why? Because the guy is a beast on the offensive boards. Last year he grabbed 2.7 offensive boards a game despite playing just 20 mpg. Stepania isn't going to be a savior for any team, but he could help a team like the Grizzlies, who are desperate for some rebounding help in the middle. Considering that he comes pretty cheap, what's the risk? The Blazers are another team that could really use him. With Arvydas Sabonis retiring this summer, they're left with Dale Davis and Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje roaming the middle.

7. Dion Glover, SG, Hawks
Perfect Home: Los Angeles Clippers
Second Choice: Minnesota Timberwolves
The Skinny: Glover is another player who has plenty of potential, especially on the offensive end, but has yet to fully tap it. He did get very hot at the end of last season, averaging 17 ppg and 7.3 rpg on 44 percent shooting in April. What was the difference? Playing time. For the first time ever, Glover was getting 35 plus minutes a night. On a team like the Clippers or T-Wolves, he might get enough playing time to actually be effective.
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Postby Shaq Fan on Tue Sep 16, 2003 2:48 pm

do u have the skinny on Raja?

props to hoopskillz, OTK, Eyecue and DA.....
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Postby FabFourLakers on Tue Sep 16, 2003 3:22 pm

i like dion and stephen jackson

those guys are valuable FAs right now that nobody talks about...The Jazz should take a look at Dion if they cant get Terry, and the Hawks should DEFINETLY snatch Jackson quickly before he gets lost in Portland's turmoil....
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Postby rydjorker121 on Tue Sep 16, 2003 4:32 pm

Great find JSM...

Felipe Lopez time!

And to prove your point, ShaqFan, Drobnjak ain't coming with us.
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Postby Guest on Tue Sep 16, 2003 4:35 pm

That's just an opinion by Chad Ford.

We all know Jim Jackson would look the best in the Lakers jersey.


Postby rydjorker121 on Tue Sep 16, 2003 8:40 pm

Hut hut. What they saying JJ's second choice is tha KINGS? They don't have the moolah to pay him :man4:
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