Why are so many of the Laker faithful afraid of the Kings.??

Re: Why are so many of the Laker faithful afraid of the King

Postby ShackO on Sat Dec 06, 2003 8:30 pm

mv_ix wrote:
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Why are so many of the Laker faithful afraid of the King
Was just wondering...

Your friend,

i waisted my time going to this wack site... looks like more queen fan obsessing than any laker fan being scared... i couldn't find or felt like taking the time to find out where it says that laker fans are actually scared.. if you're talking about dodger laker raider or whatever his name is, that guy is in a world of his own, probably the reason he posts on that site... if you notice, there are no posts on this site on how scared anyone is. very little or nothing about the kings or smack aboutthe kings... we talk basketball here. i did find threads of king fan obsession of the lakers.... the superlakers cartoon, pops comments on kobe, kobe motivated slava.... too many takes on the lakers and not from laker fans. remeber there are 30 other teams, coaches getting fired, t mac and the losing streak, trades etc...how about a real basketball take on the sitehey even your name shows how you obsess like the british press with michael jackson.....you could think of anything else. laker fans prop their team, we don't put down other teams. by the way, can you count on two hands the banners on the wall in your arena... i know you can't count on even one hand the championship banners. the kings have as many rings as a man with no hands. hey kings fan... go home, don't grace this site unless you have a real take..... a real basketball take.

thanx from the ring man, bling ...bling...oh, my bad... you wouldn't know anything about that.


??????? A lot of we's in there for some who has posted less then a month on the site......... Glad you feel right at home and for stopping by at sackings.......... they have a smack side should you be interested in talking........... You can give the moderators a break and speak your mind.... Guess you liked jim shorts new sig............ he really loves the lake show..............
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