One More Way to Improve Lakers Discussion...

One More Way to Improve Lakers Discussion...

Postby westcoast21 on Wed Nov 21, 2007 9:22 am

first off, let me say the mods do a wonderful job here, and you have to deal with helluva lot here.

Second of all, we have seen the departure of a quality poster in Real Deal this week, because he felt he wasnt getting respect for his posts. At first i did not know what to say, but i just saw it as whining on his part, but the more i looked at CL, especially Lakers Discussion, Real Deal was not the only one not getting respect.

I dont care if you have 1 post or if you have 10,000 posts, if you make a thread in which you have a legit question or comment, why are posters allowed to go in and put down the thread right away with crappy comments?

For example, today Lakowabysm (36 posts) posted a thread about "Which Tandem is better today?", and put up two options, Kobe/Bynum or Wade/Shaq. Of course its hard to really compare since Kobe/Bynum have had one start together, and Wade/Shaq have had a couple of starts together this year since Wades return to injury. Other than that, its still a good discussion piece. But right away someone has to come in and post this:

RIght now? Dunno, kobe/byumn has really only played 1 game this season starting...

Thread rating: semi-useless.

The bolded part is what i have a problem with. What gives anyone the right to come in and put someones thread down? Im pretty confident in saying that everybody who has posted here, has posted a topic that made no sense whatsoever, so no one is the all mighty poster here at CL.

I know my post is long, but if the mods go into Lakers discussion, i can confidently say that almost all the threads, have some poster who puts down the thread. I really think that little comments that put down the thread, should start resulting in warnings. Its simple, if you think the thread is stupid, DONT POST IN IT. That is all, again sorry for the long post, but this has been bugging me for a couple of days.
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Postby Satan on Wed Nov 21, 2007 11:41 am

This is a great point and one that people have been mentioning a while. I and others think a bit of required reading for new members should include some instructions like these and perhaps a small test to show that the newbs understand.

If you know the poster yourself, it might also help to send a PM mentioning they're being a little rude. Some might not care but most reasonably folks who actually desire a decent conversation will probably get it eventually and change accordingly.
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Postby DarthRekal on Wed Nov 21, 2007 11:51 am

MODERATE by committe and community... :jam2:

if we have to .. the vets will come and lay down the law :mad1: :man10:
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