Suggestions as to how one must Post Strong

Suggestions as to how one must Post Strong

Postby Vasashi17 on Tue May 12, 2009 2:45 pm

The staff has been discussing this internally for some time and we're ready to take action. The playoffs are a time that shouldn't be missed and the staff has absolutely no interest in suspending or banning members during this time. But if you force our hand, we will do what is necessary.

This is our means of preemptive action so the problem does not escalate and lead to members (both veterans and newbies) being suspended or banned during these playoffs.

Discuss hoops and only hoops. Other members should remain out of your mouths. Disparity will always be present in a forum, but as long as hoops is being discussed and nothing more, its fair game. When a member comes strong, they demonstrate tremendous hoops IQ. However, the second it becomes personal or an attack on another member, the value of the post degrades tremendously. Anybody can make a point without resorting to personal attacks. In fact a personal attack, only cheapens the post quality. So lets not resort to doing that during these times. Cause make no mistake about it, the staff is tired of all the needless childish cyber-bullying and e-thuggery that is occurring around here.

The staff can't catch everything, so we encourage other members to continue to submit reports that highlight other members abusing their privilege to be here.

Again, we want all members to post strong, but please do not be confused with what it entitles. Posting strong means demonstrating brilliant hoops knowledge. It does not mean that one must "pwn" another member.

All of you have been warned! Any questions or concerns can be expressed in the Sites Rules, Suggestions and Comments Forum.

Thanks for taking the time to read this through and continue to Post Strong CLers,
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