Welcome to our new forum!

Welcome to our new forum!

Postby clublakers on Sun Apr 06, 2003 4:09 pm

After a year of waiting we finally have our new message board!

Thanks to:

1) Matt "Cram it with Walnuts" S. for making it happen
2) All of the Clublakers faithful for being the driving force behind the site.

New Features:

1) You can now go into your Profile and upload you own Avatar. This is required if you want to utilize an image beneath your name.
2) You can email other members on the board.
3) NO banner ads! NO pop-up ads!

More of the same:

1) As usual I will not micro-manage the board, so I leave it up to you to welcome new guests and to be hospitable anti-Laker opinions.
2) Please keep the language and images appropriate for the younger Laker fans.
3) Practice quality, not quantity.
4) Smack your own, come strong, come often.


1) If something does not appear as you would expect (ie. a new thread you just created), reload the page with ctrl-F5.
2) I am continuing to create and load images for the page, so don't worry if you see something that doesn't jive with the Clublakers format.
3) Report any issues with detail of problem and URL to clublakers@clublakers.com
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