Lackluster Lakers Losing Lazily: Trade Section

Lackluster Lakers Losing Lazily: Trade Section

Postby Snakell Beast on Mon Dec 22, 2008 3:03 am

My Source is: ... alk-081015"

"The most obvious fit for Vince might be in L.A., as the Lakers are looking for a more traditional small forward, and the Nets would love to make a Carter-for-Odom swap that would clear another huge chunk of salary off their books." Chad Ford, ESPN

Jordan Farmar has become a liability and I would much rather have a Pietrus or Udrih type of guard…a tall, rebounding, defensive 2 that can play aside Kobe at the 1 and keep Ariza on the bench for the second unit. Now since we can't get either of those players in a reasonable scenario, I say we deal with New Jersey.

I believe we should trade Odom and Farmar to New Jersey for VC, Sean Williams and a second round pick. We essentially replace Odom’s frontcourt contributions with a combination of more minutes for Andrew Bynum and Josh Powell, plus we gain a GREAT shot blocker in Williams and add a little toughness while we’re at it. Now consider what VC does for our starting unit…WHOA!!!! :man1:

With Carter, we can now honestly put the offense in the hands of someone besides Kobe, freeing Kobe up to be a playmaking monster and a fourth quarter closer once again. VC spaces the floor even better than Vladi as his jump shot is more consitent, and he can get to the hoop and the line against the toughest competition. Vince also gives us more weight with the referees, who seem to favor just about anyone besides us these days.

New Jersey gets the expiring contract they so desperately have hunted, and a very solid back-up for Devin Harris. And this idea isn’t exactly out of nowhere…it has already been suggested (link above) that NJ would pull the trigger on a straight up Odom-Carter swap…sweetening the deal with Farmar for a guy that plays 11 minutes and a late second rounder just makes the deal that much better for the Nets. Odom’s contract gives them the leverage they need for LeBron and Wade in ’10, and Sean Williams has already been considered for trades as he is not the type of player that New Jersey wants for their new team.

Now, I say we re-sign Coby Karl, and use Sun Yue as his back-up. This gives us guards that are big, tall and strong...They are also both good passers. We lose ball handling, but on a team with Kobe and VC, that's no problem...


Sasha Vujacic
Trevor Ariza
Luke Walton
Sean Williams
Josh Powell

Sun Yue
Coby Karl
DJ Mbenga
Chris Mihm
The End is nigh. Time for a total Cut and Shuffle. Kobe contract was a mistake...time to avoid making more. The future is here, whether we want it to be or not. An era is over, but for the death rattle, and it's time for the cycle to begin anew. Growth and change are scary and painful, but alas...nothing worth achieving comes easily.
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