Trading up with NO for #4

A Hypothetical Idea

Postby LakersCourt on Sun Jun 05, 2005 6:06 pm

My new proposal

Trade 1: Lakers and Hornets

Lakers Trade: Caron Butler

Hornets Trade #4 pick

Trade 2: Lakers and Pacers

Lakers Trade: Brian Cook and Slava Medvedenko

Pacers Trade: Johnathan Bender and #17 pick

Trade 3 Lakers and Hawks

Lakers trade #35 and #37
Atlanta trades: #31 pick in the draft

Draft Day

#4- Gerald Green
#10- Andrew Bynum
#17- Chris Taft
#31- Tiago Splitter- Since he has some major contract buyout issues(see Marcej Lampe) he would not have a guaranteed contract in the second round. The Lakers should gamble on him, and hope they can work out the buyout issues.

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Postby Laker Jam on Mon Jun 06, 2005 11:14 am

Hye4Life wrote:The report I read had the lakers wanting someone in the top 4. On the realgm portland trailblazers board they had a statement from John Nash stating that there is a good possibility of trading the pick. Portland is looking for a shooting guard and Caron can play that. So how about something like this on draft night......

Butler, Grant, #10 pick for Ratliff, Patterson, and #3 pick.

We greatly improve our team with that trade. Possible line-ups

Odom/Bender(if the deal goes down)/Blatche

You still have MLE to use.




That would be beneficial to both teams. Portland would get rid of Ratliff's contract for a shorter contract in Grant's. Lakers would get a starting center and a good defensive small forward who the Blazers don't want. I think that Butler's potential is soo great and even if he stays the same it would be good, that is why the Portland would be doing this. They wouldn't have to wait for Green or Williams to develop. The scary thing about that conversation that John Nash had was that he said that he was trying to trade Van Exel and the pick( I hope the Lakers wouldn't get him because he is going to retire after next season anyway).

Well thought out, though I think Portland could probably get a better offer than that for the #3 pick in the draft.
Laker Jam

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