Draft Express--Vegas Summer League: Day Three

Draft Express--Vegas Summer League: Day Three

Postby JSM on Mon Jul 09, 2007 4:33 pm


Detailed comments on each of the guys that played in day 3.

Here's the Lakers excerpt:

Game Two: Los Angeles Lakers 66, Milwaukee Bucks 64

In the Lakers Summer League debut, Javaris Critentton proved to be the best player on the floor from the minute he was inserted into the game. Not only did this one go down to the wire, but its outcome wasn’t decided until the final second when Crtentton hit a game-winning 19-footer.

Los Angeles

Javaris Critentton
18 Points, 8-13 FG, 4 Rebounds

-Critentton stole the show today as he repetitively juked his defender off the dribble, dunked the ball with a purpose, and knocked down jump shots from all over the floor.
-He hawked the ball well defensively, and used his size to help out on the glass.
-The shot he hit in crunch time shows improved confidence in his still developing jump shot, which will pay dividends for him down the line.
-The Lakers have to be awfully pleased from what they saw from Crittenton today. On the flipside, Jordan Farmar probably isn’t.

Jordan Farmar
5 Points, 7 PF, 6 Turnovers

-Farmar’s game really isn’t suited for this setting, as his court savvy doesn’t mesh as well with a Summer League team as it does with an NBA team.
-He didn’t really do anything to differentiate himself from any of the other players on the floor.

Larry Turner
6 Points, 6 Rebounds, 2 Turnovers

-Turner looks like an NBA player (he’s built like a pile of bricks), but he doesn’t really play like one--lacking any real feel for the game.
-On one play, Turner missed a short hook by a large margin, but came back by nearly making a rainbow turnaround from 19 feet.
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