It's "Vegas baby!" for Curry and Nate

It's "Vegas baby!" for Curry and Nate

Postby JSM on Wed Jun 25, 2008 7:16 am

New York Post: Eddy Curry Eddy Curry and Nate Robinson are expected to play a few of the Knicks New York Knicks ' summer-league games next month in Las Vegas, according to a league source.

Curry is coming back from knee surgery to repair torn cartilage, his awful season ending in March. If Robinson plays, it would be the fourth straight year he'd do summer league - highly unusual. The Knicks may want to see how Robinson stacks up with their new draft pick.

GM Donnie Walsh said through a team spokesman the two likely will work out with the summer league team but that no decision has been made if they'll play.

Last summer, Curry declined to come to a Knick veteran mini-camp in Vegas to meet Zach Randolph Zach Randolph because he went on vacation with his wife.

Seriously? Sending Curry to Vegas? Is that really such a smart move. Don't they know there are all you can eat buffets at every 10 steps you take?
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