Dwayne Wade is approaching the Olympics 'angry'

Dwayne Wade is approaching the Olympics 'angry'

Postby Jam22 on Wed Jul 30, 2008 8:27 am

Dwyane Wade said today that he is "angry," and plans to play that way in the upcoming Beijing Olympics.

The Miami Heat guard said he is angry about those who have questioned his fitness, those who debate his value to the U.S. team, and those who equate the Heat's drop in the standings to a supposed decline in his ability at age 26.

"That's going to be like that probably all year, for a while, just that anger, that focus of getting back to total respect," he said this morning by phone before joining his Olympic teammates at practice in Macau, China.

"Any doubt that people have in their mind about you as a player, you want to erase it. Just like it was when I first came in the league, I played angry. So it's the same kind of feeling on the court."

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