Get your FIBA on (Kobe related)

Get your FIBA on (Kobe related)

Postby fahrique on Sun Jun 03, 2007 12:24 am

What's up laker fans,

I've been a lurker since the alleged Webber and Kidd trades led me to your site, and have very much enjoyed the great laker talk. I haven't had the need to pipe in because most of the time this forum always has someone already giving voice to what I'm thinking.

With so many Kobe fans here, I figured it was worth a shout out about the FIBA tourney this summer, since it's in Vegas -- where Kobe will definitely put an end to any nonsense of team USA not winning (yeah, I'm talking to you, LBJ).

I've followed FIBA since I spent the summer of '86 in Argentina, and got brutally destroyed by my new Argentinian friends when Argentina beat team USA -- which had David Robinson, Tyrone Bogues, and the man between Ernie and Chuck every Thursday, Mr. Kenny Smith. It wasn't an elimination game, and the US rebounded, not losing after that. A week after the Argentina disaster, US beat Arvydas Sabonis and the USSR for the championship. So payback was twice as good, first when Argentina was eliminated before the finals, and then again when USA got the gold.

This year's tourney is a qualifier for the 08 olympics in Beijing. US and Argentina are easily the best teams and will skate to the finals -- unless they meet in an elimination game before the championship game. If that happens, then Ginobili's 04 Olympic champs will have to sit out the games next summer because no way Kobe lets freaken Argentina keep us out of the olympics.

Instead of Smush, Kobe will have the shock and awe version of basketball, something like this:

Billups / Kidd
Bryant / Redd
LeBron / Carmelo / Durant
Boozer / Brand / Bosh
Stoudemire / Howard / Oden

With LA so close, what better vacation for laker fans than to Vegas, where we can give Kobe some love and let him know we don't want him getting too comfortable in a new uniform. Because if it's not a team USA or All-Star jersey, I don't ever want to see him in anything other than the P&G.

Ladies and Gentlemen LasVegas presents The Mamba Kings

Aug 22 v. Venezuela
Aug 23 v. Virgin Islands
Aug 25 v. Canada
Aug 26 v. Brazil

Round 2 and more TBA...
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Postby MiraculousComeback on Sun Jun 03, 2007 1:04 am

great post...thanks for the info!! i see kobe making major impact on team USA in the qualifiers and the 2008OG!!

besides the obvious reasons that kobe will make a difference, keep in mind we lacked good 3-point shooters when we got beat by greece last year in world championships!! while kobe is not known as a big 3-point shooter in the NBA, the international 3-point line is closer to the basket than NBA line a zone where kobe takes alot of his 2-point shots from!! :jam2:
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Postby hdtvset on Sun Jun 03, 2007 1:48 am

Where and when can we buy the tickets? :man3:
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Postby fahrique on Sun Jun 03, 2007 7:56 pm

Tickets are at this link here.
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