Kobe's Attack On Pau

Postby tha son on Wed Aug 20, 2008 1:26 pm

puffyusaf#2 wrote:
tha son wrote:It was a fitting title, Kobe blatantly accosted Gasol in a rage fueled manner.

Anyway trodgers I was watching the game when it happened, it didn't look too bad but it was definitely intentional and I think Pau looked surprised as well. I see no one has a video though, that's too bad.

If you were "watching" the game and you came to this conclusion then you may need to stop watching games then. Hell a hard foul on someone must seem like murder then.

I'll break it down for you.

1. Kobe is chasing his man
2. Pau tries to set the pick
3.Kobe runs through the pick
4. Pau lands on his butt
5. Kobe doesn't help him up
6. They embrace after the game because no one in thier right mind would think Kobe attacked Pau in a rage in order to do anything but send a message that the US is not playing around.


They have the games on NBCOLYMPICS.COM if you want to rewatch it because it is obvious that you need to do just that.


I can't blame you though, it just doesn't work too well over the internet.
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