Dwight Howard Inside Presence -- On China Dwight Howard Inside Presence -- On China

Postby JSM on Wed Jul 30, 2008 3:23 pm

Dwight Howard wrote:On China's love for basketball …
I saw a court outside with about 60 people playing basketball, and it was raining, so I was like, "Wow, they really are passionate."

On whether he might be more popular here than in America …
I think so. I think more people watch sports on TV here than in the states. Sometimes, you might be more popular in China than in the United States.

On playing as a team …
We have to. It's not one man for himself. It's our whole team. We gotta play together. We gotta do everything the right way in order for us to win.

On hype surrounding his matchup with Yao Ming …
That's expected. He's gonna be playing in front of his home crowd, so I'm sure everybody's going to be excited to see that. It's gonna be a lot of fun.

He's a great player. He's one of the best centers in the game right now. It's gonna be very exciting.

On the age difference between him and Yao …
I'm 22 years old, so I'm fairly young. But he's still got a lot of years left to play. He's an excellent player and I love playing against him.

On how he feels with the first game 11 days away …
I feel good. I'm just trying to get in better shape for the Olympics. I took a lot of time off, so now I have to get in great basketball shape.
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