Practice Notes (7/29) Practice Notes (7/29)

Postby JSM on Wed Jul 30, 2008 3:30 pm

John Schuhmann of wrote:Today's practice went from noon to 2 p.m. here in Macao. It was a spirited session with a lot of five-on-five work. They didn't scrimmage full out. Instead, it was a controlled scrimmage with the coaches stopping play on every possession for instruction and to let the defense set up.

The team was split into two groups. The white team was the starters (Kidd, Bryant, James, Anthony and Howard) plus Michael Redd. The rest were on blue.

The final part of practice was a controlled scrimmage to seven buckets, with the team keeping the ball if they scored. The white team was ahead most of the way, but the blue team came back and tied it at six buckets apiece.

On their next possession, Deron Williams missed an open three pointer from the corner (off a nice drive-and-kick from Chris Paul), but blue got the ball back when CP3 CP13 poached and stole the ball from LeBron, who was backing down Tayshaun Prince on the other end. CP13 then raced down the floor and fed Williams for a layup to give blue the win.

A few plays earlier, Williams hit the deck (and stayed there for a couple of minutes) when he took a hard shot to the head from Dwight Howard on a drive.


Yesterday, LeBron imitated Howard's NBA Ballers commercial. Today, he took aim at Paul, bellowing the Ric Flair "Whooo!" that they play in New Orleans as CP13 led the team in their pre-practice jog around the court.


I was sitting on the baseline during practice and had internet access for most of it. At one point, I wanted to yell out, "Hey Tayshaun, you guys got Kwame Brown!"

Of course, I didn't.


Kobe was asked if he know's anything about Sun Yue, the 6-9 Chinese point guard who will be in Lakers camp this fall.

"Not yet," he said. "I've spoken with Yi about him. He's says he's a very talented basketball player, so I'm looking forward to seeing him first hand. I really don't judge a player until I have the opportunity to play against him."

He'll get that opportunity on Aug. 10, when the U.S. opens the Olympics competition against China.
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