Oden to be on Team USA?

Oden to be on Team USA?

Postby JSM on Thu Apr 27, 2006 1:03 pm

He'll be in the camp at least and with a shot to participate in 08.
SI: Add Greg Oden to the list of players who will participate in this summer's Team USA tryout camp.

Oden, the 7-foot Ohio State-bound center considered the best high school player in the country, has agreed to join 23 NBA players in the camp to be held July 19-25 in Las Vegas, USA Basketball Managing Director Jerry Colangelo confirmed Wednesday.

The tryout camp will be used to select 15 players that will compete in this summer's World Championship in Japan. Colangelo said Oden's pending college enrollment would likely prevent him from competing in those games, but he could be part of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

"The purpose in having him there this summer is to expose him to USA Basketball, give him a chance to compete with [international-level players] and get a feel for what he needs to do," Colangelo said.

"This is really for a couple years from now. Let's see how far he progresses. Maybe he's ready for '08."

The former Indiana high school standout has won virtually every national Player of the Year award. He might even be the best pure center on Team USA right now.

Colangelo said he met with Oden at the McDonald's All-American Game in San Diego in March, and then again at the Roundball Classic in Chicago in early April to discuss his taking part in this summer's camp.

"He was a little leery about it at first. Maybe a little intimidated," Colangelo said. "But he's fine. He came around.

"His focus right now is on college. [But] this is really a head start on his college program. To be able to have the coaching and competition he'll get in that setting is beneficial. The people around him are really encouraging him. Number one, they all recognize it's a great honor. And number two, it's a great opportunity."

Colangelo said there would be no NCAA issues at stake with Oden's participation. He also said Ohio State is on board.

"They like it," Colangelo said. "We certainly have an invitation to [Buckeyes coach Thad Matta] to attend and be around. We think it would be great."

Oden will join a camp that will include Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Dwyane Wade and Elton Brand among other NBA stars. The team also includes two former college players, Gonzaga's Adam Morrison and Duke's J.J. Redick.

Watch out kid, Kobe will dunk on you and Dwight will eat you for dinner. Should be interesting to hear how the most talked about center who hasn't played a college game yet, does. But he'll easily be a top big man in the NBA when he enters, so that's always a plus for the 08 squad.
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Postby MarkMadsen on Thu Apr 27, 2006 2:11 pm

I doubt any college guys make the team. Their just their to develop for the upcoming olympic games after 07.
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Postby jminges on Thu Apr 27, 2006 2:38 pm

If Amare Stoudemire isn't healthy, I think it's a great idea.
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Postby lakaboy42 on Thu Apr 27, 2006 4:02 pm

I really hope Oden succeeds, he's such a humble guy and he's a nice kid (from what we've heard).
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Postby dj vitus on Fri Apr 28, 2006 1:11 am

MarkMadsen wrote:I doubt any college guys make the team. Their just their to develop for the upcoming olympic games after 07.

I hope they don't make it.

The reason why we lost in Athens was because of youth. Too many inexperienced young guys thrown into the spotlight. The more veterans we have on the team, the better our chances. Dwight Howard's shown a lot of improvement, but I think we still need another experienced big man to get us over the hump. We could use Shaq.. heck, even Kwame Brown isn't a bad choice.
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Postby CaCHooKa Man on Fri Apr 28, 2006 1:35 am

even if he does make it he wont play.. like christian laettner and emeka okafor.
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Postby Warriors&Lakers on Fri Apr 28, 2006 10:04 pm

dwight howard and oden. if oden is really as good what a frontline for team usa
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