8/30 Team USA vs Argentina - Predictions and Comments

Postby TalkieWalkie on Fri Aug 31, 2007 10:52 am

The reason this game was close:

USA wasn't trying on defense...they let Argentina get easy buckets so they could get the ball back quickly and go back on offense to put a show on.

Its seemed like team USA was so pumped about making highlights that they forgot about ARgentina...its like they were competeing against eachother...

Kobe would make a few spectacular plays...then the defense would stop because they wanted to see more spectacular offense...so Melo comes on and puts on a show....and the defense continues to dissappear because everyone got so excited about highlights....

If USA really wanted to spank the Argentinians, they could have won by 40 or 50 EASILY....the defense just wasn't up to par....but its understandable because the big three (or 4 if you count Kidd) were doing special things on offense...it was a CLINIC!
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Postby Weezy on Fri Aug 31, 2007 11:35 am

c.Lin wrote:Oh My God, that Melo dunk was vicious.

I agree, I rewound that thing 5 times and watched it over and over and over, it was sick. That was one of the nastiest facials I've ever seen, when I saw it live I jumped up off the couch and went "OHHHHHHHH".
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