The CL Feed - Episode Guide

The CL Feed - Episode Guide

Postby BDG on Wed Apr 18, 2007 2:09 pm

The CL Feed - Episode #0005
The Nugget is in charge?! What?!

Aye, dios mio. Happy Easter, everybody ..

ON THE TABLE FOR THIS EPISODE OF THE FEED: Kobe Bryant dishes on the state of the Lakers, the history of Smush Parker, and addressing Jermaine O’Neal rumors.

The CL Feed - Episode #0004
What? You left it for dead, didn’t you?

With the Lakers struggling again and a bit of a lull in the schedule because of the NCAA Tournament, the Staff has decided to BRING BACK THE CL FEED! In this fourth installment of the podcast, our host bhatta triumphantly returns and discusses the most important games left for the Lakers, his understanding of why Vladimir Radmanovic wasn’t waived, and addresses Smush Parker directly in an open letter.

The CL Feed - Episode #0003
In the third installment of the ClubLakers podcast, our host bhatta chats with BDG about Summer League and which players would make an impact, the GM Challenge winners are announced, and JSM does a little tribute for a lost Laker. All that, PLUS bhatta responds to caller questions!

The CL Feed - Episode #0002
In the second installment of the ClubLakers podcast, our host bhatta is joined by Sky and JSM to discuss the Lakers’ draft. Also, Guru shows up to contend some of the things that bhatta talked about in Episode #0001, especially the points about Kwame Brown and Phil Jackson.

Sky and JSM also give their opinions as to what the Lakers should do next and address some of the latest rumors in Lakerland.

To close the show, bhatta offers an Eastern Conference team that Laker fans should all keep an eye on.

The CL Feed - Episode #0001
In our inaugural Club Lakers podcast, our host bhatta started off with a bang taking a shot at Laker fans that think Kwame Brown is significantly better than Chris Mihm and he followed that up by talking about why Phil Jackson may not be the greatest coach of all time.

In the forum section of the show, staff came together to discuss all things about the Lakers, including Odom moving to the 4, Lakers draft prospects, and the Lakers’ sense of urgency now that the Heat have won an NBA Championship with Shaq.

To close the show, bhatta finished up with a quick trip back in time, honoring the greatest Laker of all time - Chick Hearn.
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