Feeling bad for Dwight Howard

Feeling bad for Dwight Howard

Postby odom1year on Wed Nov 28, 2012 1:42 am

Looks like we all forget he is the best center in the league, atleast I think he is. After signing with Lakers, he plays like a role player, worse than Gasol. Maybe we expect too much from him, he’s really the biggest disappointment so far. I think D12 can survive in any gameplan, but Kobe has to share the ball with him even though his FT shooting sucks. As we know, Shaq had the same issue before, but we still dominate and win champs. As for now, the most urgency is how to use our biggest potential weapon: Dwight Howard. Let him to do what Shaq does in first 3 quarters and Kobe takes over in 4th. Let’s build the inside out gameplan. This is the only formula that we can win. Demolishing D12’s role and relying on Kobe are only failure. We failed to win in last 2 years, it’s time to refresh the team with D12 1st and Kobe 2nd format.

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Re: Feeling bad for Dwight Howard

Postby Weezy on Wed Nov 28, 2012 2:42 am

Yawn, saw the thread title, saw your username, knew it was a thread somehow blaming Kobe.
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