Game against the Nuggets and the playoff race

Game against the Nuggets and the playoff race

Postby switzerland on Fri Apr 13, 2012 2:39 pm

Since Kobe is out, who will carry the load and bring home the victory?

I'm not a Nugget fan but do think GK is a good coach and I have to assume he will look to pack the paint to limt PG & AB points in the paint. Ramon had a good shooting night against the NOH which was too close for comfort, can he repeat against the nuggets? Does anyone think MWP will go off for 26pts like the Spurs game? Steve Blake seems to have had a good game against the NOH as well, dont recall how well or not so well he played against the Spurs, does he hold the key?

As the playoff race winds down, assuming Kobe will play against the Mav's with I'm sure revenge on his mind, the remaining schedule looks pretty tough. 2 games that should be no brainers but the other five that can blow up in our face. We have not matched up well with OKC, which begs the question how the clipps have beaten them twice. I think that we caught the Spurs on a really off night combined with some really career type games for MWP & AB. Realistically, we could go 3-4 in the final 7. Or worse, 2-5

With Memphis breathing down our necks and the clipps starting to play pretty good, what are the chances we slip to 5 and play Memphis in the first round minus HCA?

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Re: Game against the Nuggets and the playoff race

Postby XXIV on Fri Apr 13, 2012 2:49 pm

We have a gameday thread to discuss most of what you wrote, but to answer your last question it's very possible that we slip down to the 5th seed if we don't take care of business. The West (like last year) is a very tight race and every win is crucial to securing a higher seed. As long as we play the game we're capable of we should contain the three seed.

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Re: Game against the Nuggets and the playoff race

Postby TIME on Fri Apr 13, 2012 3:54 pm

Welcome to the site.

No need to create a new thread for everything you want to discuss.

You can post this in our gameday thread:

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