Make a choice- Kobe or Bynum and Let's GO!

Make a choice- Kobe or Bynum and Let's GO!

Postby THEORY on Sat May 26, 2012 5:42 pm

BOTTOM LINE- As if I am the one to dictate an ultimatum to the organization on making a descision. :man10: KOBE or BYNUM time to make a choice and move forward. Are we rebuilding and saving money or are we putting all of our chips in going for the title and securing another laker greats legacy. We handled the shaq debacle inncorrectly. Lucky for us we had a legend in his prime foaming at the mouth doing everything in his power to help this team rise to a chamionship level. I mention shaq becuz the situation though not exact has some of the very same issues that prevent the success of this team from coming to fruition.

Kobe though declining is the Alpha and in no way does he want to defer to the young lion cub. There are times when the mamba gives bynum the ball down the stretch but whether ego or trust there are few times kobe is gonna clear everyone to one side and continuously feed the post over and over the way bynum would prefer. Bynum when not involved especially when it is kobe who is dominating the ball lacks effort and focus and many of us assume this is on purpose.

Let us look at the pros and cons:

KOBE BRYANT: PROS- I know it's a, what have you done for me lately profession but cmon it's the BEAN! Never has a man been hated so much and still dominated at such a high level.(look at tiger woods) His way might not be perfect but it's been a perfect way for us to win. I have never seen someone ridiculed and hated so much, even by our own laker faithful yet still strapp'em up and do it his way while winning more than anyone or any team in his era and even more than most of the all-time greats. In my eyes he has earned the right of this organizations loyalty until the wheels fall off. Just imagine kobe with some defensive thoroughbreds willing to defer to the mamba while bringing a work ethic and determination to match. Kobe has never, like many other superstars had a specific team built around his skillset. Give kobe his Pippen, give him his bigs who dont care if they have the ball and collectively lead the league in rebounding and defense. Give him a playmaking point who wants to play d and knows how to feed the post. People complain about kobes shot selection down the stretch but they act like it is so easy to drive the lane and get fouled or take over games. Yet they still criticize the man who has done it more than any other. Kobe gets no love from the refs yet when he had the epic failure in game two down the stretch lebron, dwade and cp3, players who many believe at this stage perform better than the bean played even worse in their playoff debacles and the refs love those guys. I know I sound like a kobe homer and it’s because I am. He has proven too many wrong too many times for me to doubt that we can still win with Kobe Bryant as our Main piece. His effort, and determination have never been in question. Add to that his credentials and that’s who I’m riding with.

CONS- Even the loyalist of kobe fanz found themselves asking more times than ever this season does he still have it? And whatever he does have, is it enough to bring the bling back to LA? Sometimes the same things that made you so successful previously can bring your sudden demise if you are not willing to adapt or change. Do I wish kobe was more of a playmaker at times? Yes, most definitely. Do I wish he was more of a vocal constructive leader? Of course I do. Can he constantly carry a less talented team the way he use to against the superior talented ones anymore? Probably not. Can he prove everyone wrong one more time for one last run? After all these questions this is the only logical answer I can come up with. I won't be one of the doubters because every time in his career when the chips were stacked up against him he found a way to overcome and put all the critics to sleep.

BYNUM: PROS- Of course offensively in the half court he is probably the most efficient, skill full scoring big in the game. When focused and engaged in the half court set he is dominating. To big and strong for most centers in the NBA today. Even when not engaged his presence is felt. He is young and despite what many feel still can grow tremendously both physically(skill wise) and mentally. When he wants to he can change the whole outlook of a game by his defense and rebounding alone. In most structured offenses he has every tool you could ever ask for in a low post scoring big. He has a desire to be the best and he has a won't back down attitude.

CONS- First con with bynums development is we already have an alpha and it seems as though he does not want to play second fiddle especially with his skills developing at such ahigh level. Second is that knee. Who truly believes that the knee is going hold up? Beyond that is just the simple fact of maturity. Are we willing to close the door on the greatest player in this era while waiting for someone to mature. It worked out with shaq but trust me bynum will never ever be anything close to what kobe was and is. Kenny Smith of TNT really made a good point when talking about bynum during the playoffs. He said-How do I give you the opportunity to receive all the attributes that come from being the man when you quit on us when we need you the most. He went on about how you have to earn that right and not feel it owed to you. Another thing is bynum's work ethic. Kareem question it. Phil Questioned it. It has been said he works hard at certain parts of his game and not always on some of the things he needs to or is asked too.

If bynum is our choice, good luck. Shaq was 2 times the player bynum was and with all the great teams he played for, only in miami when the league handed dwade 25 ft's a game did he win one without kobe. But if it is bynum amnesty kobe and make moves to bring in the talent needed. If it has to be done I get it make your move, let the man move on and the lakers will be in the best position that I can remember of any team that has ever lost their superstar. If you keep kobe get him the talent that he needs at this point in his career and lets do this one more time. Either choice has potential for great success, now is the time to make one. Laker fans are craving it, we don't like limbo.
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Re: Make a choice- Kobe or Bynum and Let's GO!

Postby Texas Lakers Fan on Sat May 26, 2012 5:44 pm

I really, really hate the offseason.
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Re: Make a choice- Kobe or Bynum and Let's GO!

Postby revgen on Sat May 26, 2012 6:10 pm

KeepBynum wrote:I really, really hate the offseason.

"Every time he’s hurt, he always plays, he always comes through."

- Metta World Peace on teammate Kobe Bryant
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Re: Make a choice- Kobe or Bynum and Let's GO!

Postby TIME on Sat May 26, 2012 6:13 pm

I'm lost in the fog of denial!
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