Snoop Dogg instagrams that OJ Mayo is soon joining Lakers...

Re: Snoop Dogg instagrams that OJ Mayo is soon joining Lakers...

Postby LTLakerFan on Sun Jul 01, 2012 10:56 pm

BamBam-31 wrote:
eltoro wrote:Hey guys. Don't be total losers. It's ok to wear jerseys from other teams and still be a Lakers fan. I didn't like Boston back in their more whitey days, but they are ok now.

And I hope Snoop is wrong about OJ Mayo. No way the Lakers are gonna wins championship with Mayo.

I didn't like the Lakers back in their more blacky days, but they are ok now.

See how stupid that sounds? Enough of the double standard.

Thank you

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Re: Snoop Dogg instagrams that OJ Mayo is soon joining Lakers...

Postby purp n gold on Sun Jul 01, 2012 11:31 pm

KeepBynum wrote:Did Jack wear a Clippers or Suns jersey to those games? No he didn't. Snoop Dogg wore a CELTICS jersey. No one who wears a Celtics jersey is a legit Lakers fan. How the hell am I diminishing local Lakers fans opinions? Learn how to read. Nowhere did I say that.

So let me get this straight - Jack went to a Clipper game SUPPORTING the Clippers (literally, days after the Lakers were eliminated), while Snoop wore a Celtics jersey while performing at a Boston concert... and Snoop is the bandwagoner? Your logic has the structure of a Brazilian favela.

The bottom line is WHO F CARES WHAT THESE GUYS DO. Celebs are regular people who put on their pant legs one at a time. You Texas boys need to come out to Cali and learn not how to be so starstruck :man12:

KeepBynum wrote:I really don't understand why it's so hard to comprehend. The Boston Celtics are the ENEMY. Always have and will be. They've ended our title dreams several times and vice versa. Beating them in 2010 was incredibly sweet. Best moment as a fan for me by far. I HATE the Celtics will every ounce in my body. Snoop betrayed the Lakers fan base. Screw him.

Listen, I understand the Lakers/Celtics rivalry. I'm a goddamn Lakers fan, I hate them. Do you honestly think I don't understand this dynamic between the two teams?

Now what I don't understand is why you can't comprehend this - Snoop has done things for LA & Cali that are more significant than putting on a green jersey.

If you can't accept this idea from a guy who was born and raised in LA... then I'll "learn to read" as soon as you can comprehend concepts that are more complex than 'us vs. them', or 'the stupid guys wear green because they're stupid'. Deal? Deal.
There are two teams that play in the Staples Center:
the LA Lakers and NBA Clippers.
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Re: Snoop Dogg instagrams that OJ Mayo is soon joining Lakers...

Postby TIME on Sun Jul 01, 2012 11:50 pm

This started as an obscure OJ Mayo to the Lakers rumor and somehow it's become an argument over Snoop wearing a C's jersey. :man3:

Locking until there is further info on the Mayo rumor.
I'm lost in the fog of denial!
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