Video breakdown of the Lakers running Princeton offense

Video breakdown of the Lakers running Princeton offense

Postby The Rock on Tue Nov 06, 2012 8:19 pm

- Kobe has benefitted the most out of this. Hes shooting like 60% from the field in 4 games, I dont remember the last time he had a 4 game stretch when he was that efficient
- TOs are avoidable/fixable once players get to know their tendencies
- Obviously bench seems lost with the Princeton and I am 100% for going the non Princeton route for them.
- Pau Gasol benefits a lot too, getting a lot of wide open mid range jumperss and hes also finding Dwight for alley oops when his guy rotates over
- Offensively looks like we're ok and there is some hope there. They just gotta cut down the turnovers and put the right personnel in there (no Morris + put Meeks at 2, Ebanks at 3, Jamison at 4). Trying to put ballhandling duties on guys like Ebanks/MWP at the 2 is only gonna keep things screwed up. Meeks at the lowest TO ratio of any SG in the league in 2011/2012 gotta utilize him

Props to sidthekid871
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Re: Video breakdown of the Lakers running Princeton offense

Postby TIME on Tue Nov 06, 2012 8:27 pm

Vitti uttered three words that surely applies to how Bryant made two free throws on one leg, walked off the court on his own and processed his rehabilitation plan amid the pain, frustration and tears.

“That’s really cool.”
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