Hi all! CyberCosmix (aka LakerMike, HoopsFanMike, SoCalMike)

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Hi all! CyberCosmix (aka LakerMike, HoopsFanMike, SoCalMike)

Postby CyberCosmiX on Thu Jul 08, 2010 5:30 pm

Hi all,

Very happy to sign up on what looks to be a very nice Laker community here! :)

Some may recognize me as CyberCosmiX on L.A. Times Lakers blog (formerly LakerMike). Also have gone by HoopsFanMike, SoCalMike, SoCalHoopsFan, LakaDynasty and Hoops4eva on various other NBA sites over the years (lol, think that's all...)

Anyways, I'm a Laker diehard fanatic lunatic! If it's Lakers, I'm there. Even if it's purple or gold, I may be there too. Basically, It's Lakers, Lakers, LAKERS!!!!!

Looking forward to chatting to all of ya, and most looking forward to THE LAKERS PASSING THE CELTICS IN TITLES!!!!!


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