Firt time to LA - Tickets to Hornets Game

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Firt time to LA - Tickets to Hornets Game

Postby AustLaker01 on Thu Nov 18, 2010 8:50 pm

Hello I am new to this forum. I'm an Australian Lakers fan and I am finally getting my chance (hopefully) to get to a lakers game when I will be in LA for the first time in early Jan. I am hoping to see the Hornets game.
My question is - how full will the Staples get for this game. I ask because there are very limited tickets available from Ticketmaster, however there are bucket loads for sale on things like the ticket exchange and e-bay and other ticket on-sellers. Of course, the on-sold tickets are way $$$$$. I was wondering if its best to by some nose bleed tickets of Ticketmaster and then if the Staples has heaps of unoccupied seats moved to a better location? I got caught out years ago when I went to New York and went to a Nicks game. I paid a lot more dollars for a slightly better view, only to go and find that the venue was largley empty, and I could move around as I pleased to a certain extent.

Your replies would be much appreciated.

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