New Lakers Anthem (Purple Yellow)enjoy

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New Lakers Anthem (Purple Yellow)enjoy

Postby yellowpurple on Mon Oct 25, 2010 9:40 pm

Enjoy this new track, bump it before each game!!!
make sure to share it with your purple yellow fellows!!
Talent Display - Purple Yellow (Lakers Anthem)

D/L link:


YeaH! A ha! You know what it is... PURPLE YELLOW X4
YEAH! A ha! You know what it is... PURPLE YELLOW X4

YEAH! A ha! You know what it is... Phil came back again let's get another in
Yeah A ha! Going for the three peat we won't be stopped by the three heat

Got 16 banners up going for seventeen purple yellow x4
Pop more bottles of bub you know what I mean purple yellow x4

Purple jersey yellow print
Shine so hard we make the competition squint
Getting trophies on the regular they're all in mint
Conditioned cause we run the game the rest can't sprint
No doubt got the best player in the game today
Twenty-four can't be stopped watch him with his fade away
Straight swish or pass it... behind the three line for fish
Nothing but net Kobe coming with the dish
Take the double team than pass it to Lamar
Pass you from the left your 6'7 frame aint up to par
Amazing the whole team makes you say wow
Got the perfect structure since we got Pau


So much presence in the paint especially with Bynum
Pump fake going for the dunk perfect timing
On D we got the opposition hard pressed
Missing shots thanks to number 15 Ron Artest
Stacked up even better now that's great
Got a better bench with Ebanks, Barnes, Ratliff and Blake
Finally no Morrison but still got Shannon Brown
Won the last two we back for another round


Relentless Lakers the triangle offense is too cold
Keep sleeping haters but the skill-increased twofold
While you're all focused on the heat
We're focused on different ways to have em beat
Along with the Celtics and Oklahoma City
Lakers get the new rings have em diamonds shining pretty
Not just win the west we're gonna win it all
Take over like we did last year waiving that gold ball


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