Y all the concern with CP3 not fitting the triangle?Pg or C?

Y all the concern with CP3 not fitting the triangle?Pg or C?

Postby tmpl924 on Fri May 13, 2011 9:57 am

Phil is gone. The new coach can adjust the team to run with CP3, which eases Kobe/handling role and helps extend his future wear and tear. If we knew Bynum woulld stay healthy Id even give up Gasol for CP3 at this point. We need help passing down low and a defensive pg with speed. We should have grabbed feton instaed of barnes/blake, he is playing good. Kobe is gonna reach the point were he needs to handle the bal less and have a great passer to get gim the ball to shoot. Fisher will make a good Horry type bench vet but his starting days should be done. Brown I see opting out to start somewhere for more money.

Who else is out there that could play the point and hit 3s, we need some shooters, id love to see RA come be our next Horry, highly unlikely but RA is a great shooter, so is Redd if he stays healthy

If there is really friction between kobe and Gasol or Bynum we should try to get DH, Nelson, Reddick or Turk for a package deal. Kobe is gonna be the #1 option for a few more yrs but I hope he doesnt pull a Shaq, Thinking he will be number 1 alone forever but also shaq was demanding major money when buss knew he wasnt gonna be healthy and play a 5 yr deal, Ask Pho, Clev if he was worth the 20 mil... Kobe seems to be revising his role for the benefit of the team. With cp3 kobe could work on his 3 and become a Ray A type player, Kobe holds the record for 3s n a game and straight or something, he needs to focus on that this off seaon. His driving the lane and not getting it to the bigs cant last forever.

With either DH or CP3 I think Kobe would shine and so would either Dh or Cp3 or Dwill. We definately need a back up C if we keep Bynum, health reason.. and not just a Theo or Smith who wont see the floor. We also need some sharp shooters to come from the bench. I do think Barnes has a good future and Artest and him can lock down the 3 for some time.

Beef up the bench with shooter and defenders or try for Cp3, Dwill or DH? Pg is our most important spot to fill now to relieve Kobe. Even a poor mans pg Jarret, Duhon, or Collinson. Even try to get Rubio, Kobe will teach him well and Fish will help, Min has flynn, ridnour and may end up with Irving

Its to bad we tossed in Marcs rights to get Pau instead of picks or Farmar/Sasha at the time. No one knew in LA or Min how good he would be and with his Bro they play great.....

Eitherway Cp3 would find a role and hep Kobe extend his career. He is a franchise player, the coach will figure it out even if we go away from he triangle. Kobe cant be expected to aways be the lone guard and play Rose, Cp3, Westbrook and Fish cant do it anymore. Kobe brings the ball up, a good pg would allow him to get healthy by taking that role and assing down low. Your thoughts? My key board is messed up so i am sorry for any missed letters,

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Re: Y all the concern with CP3 not fitting the triangle?Pg or C?

Postby Phil XI on Fri May 13, 2011 12:19 pm

"So is Redd if he stays healthy"

How about... 'ever gets'.
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