Ammo + Farmar + Picks for Delonte West?

Ammo + Farmar + Picks for Delonte West?

Postby SmoothOperator on Wed Aug 12, 2009 5:05 pm

Needing to state the obvious so that I don't get bashed, I doubt any trades of any kind happen between Cleveland and LA simply because both teams are contenders and one would not help the other. This is more for discussion purposes than anything....

With everyone expecting LeBron to opt out in the summer of 2010, and I, among many others sincerely believe that LeBron would not return to Cleveland. If they win the title prior to 2010 free agency, I think it improves the chances of LeBron coming back but for the sake of discussion lets assume LeBron bolts to New York.

The Cavaliers have some large expiring contracts along with Lebron ($17M), Shaq ($20M) and Zydrunis Ilgauskas ($11M). So when Summer 2010 rolls around, Cleveland would have approximately $29M in salary on the books. For the 2009-2010 season the salary cap has been set at $57Mil, with it expecting to drop to for the 2010-11 season (Lets say next year it will be $55Mil).

If the cap is $55 mil and Cleveland has $29M on the books, they have about 26 Mil of cap space if they fail to re-sign LeBron. Which is still a fairly decent amount to offer a max contract, and have about $8 million to spend on others.

If your Cleveland management you have to consider the real possibility that LeBron may not re-sign and think of a contingency plan. If they are able to shed an additional 8 million in salary, they would be able to offer 2 max. contracts, which would make it alot easier to rebuild if LeBron leaves, instead of being left holding the bag.

So my suggestion is Ammo + Farmar (Both expirings) + 1st rounder for Delonte West + Daniel Gibson.

Ammo had a strong showing in summer league and he may be able to contribute off the bench, Farmar is a good young point guard. An upgrade from Gibson as an overall player and the Cavaliers may see some value for that, even in a 1 year rental - they get to hold his bird rights if they want to keep him longer.

They only consider this trade because Gibson has a god awful contract that pays him $4 mil for another 4 years. His play has really dropped off since his contract year and is basically their version of Sasha....with a longer contract. We agree to take on that contract because we want Delonte, who's contract is more reasonable (4 million, expires after 2011.)

With both Delonte and Gibson coming off Cleveland's salary, it would allow the Cavs to offer 2 max salaries in an effort to rebuild if LeBron doesn't resign. And if he does, they still have enough salary to offer 1 max contract to get an allstar as Lebron's running mate, plus the rights to Farmar. By being able to do this, it may be enough to convince Lebron to stay in Cleveland anyways if they can pair him with another superstar.

So why Cleveland does this is by losing Delonte, they get the opportunity of having a pairing of either Lebron + Bosh/Amare/Wade/Dirk/Joe Johnson/Boozer/Ray Allen/Michael Redd. Even if Lebron bolts, Cleveland will still have plenty of room to add 2 other max players to build around instead. Their team would be pretty decent if they spent their money on say.... Amare and Joe Johnson. Their starting lineup would be:

Amare/Varejao/Joe Johnson/Anthony Parker/Mo Williams.

The Lakers, get a solid triangle PG that can take over as starter a Fish retires/declines in age. As good as Shannon Brown has shown he could be, I don't think he would be good enough to be a starter for the Lakers to 3-peat. With Delonte who's got size for a PG, great 3-pt shooter, great defender he's ideal for how we use the PG spot.

Bynum/Gasol/Artest/Kobe/Delonte could be a very good defensive team.

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Re: Ammo + Farmar + Picks for Delonte West?

Postby khmrP on Wed Aug 12, 2009 5:15 pm

IF we get Boobie we need to drop Sasha, thats almost 10 mill per between the both of them and Gibson sucked too last year after signing his big contract and his contract is as nasty as Luke in terms of length.
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Re: Ammo + Farmar + Picks for Delonte West?

Postby Larry14r on Wed Aug 12, 2009 7:37 pm

I don't want to touch those players especially Gibson's contract.

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Re: Ammo + Farmar + Picks for Delonte West?

Postby BadCoaching on Thu Aug 20, 2009 9:38 am

Gross, West has like a 60 IQ. He'd probably fail a drug test anyway every time I see this guy he's completely blazed out of his mind.

I don't think he has the mental capacity to join a real team let him stay with the Cavs or something.
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Re: Ammo + Farmar + Picks for Delonte West?

Postby Kobe Bryant 8 on Thu Aug 20, 2009 6:39 pm

1.) Cavs laugh at the trade.
2.) Lakers don't take on the salary.

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