Postby L8KERS4LIFE on Tue Feb 16, 2010 11:35 am

The Heat need a third team to acquire Amare, but what about a forth team.. just an idea that works according to ESPN Trade Machine.

The Heat gets:
A. Stoudemire 16.3M 2yrs
J. Collins 825.4K 1Year

The Suns get:
J O'Neal (this is a salary dump at the end of the season 23.0M 1yr free agent after season over)

The Lakers get:
Kirk Hinrich 9.5M 3yrs
C. Frye 1.9M 1Yr- player option for next season
Buss would have to take on more salary to get HInrich. The Lakers could waive Frye and he could resign with the Suns or trade him to another team for a future draft pick.

The Bulls get:
S. Vujacic 5.0M 2yrs ( this season/ next season)
A. Morrison 5.2M (free agent after this season)
Chicago is trying to dump salary and do just that by trading Hinrich
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Postby cthroatgtr on Tue Feb 16, 2010 12:32 pm

If the Bulls would do that trade then why not just trade directly with the Lakers? Suns have already said they won't dump Amare they need something back for it. Also if they would do that they would trade directly with Miami. The Bulls don't want to add salary which is why they haven't traded directly with LA.

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