Could Corey Brewer be Another Trevor Ariza???

Could Corey Brewer be Another Trevor Ariza???

Postby pureuncut100 on Fri Aug 21, 2009 2:07 pm

I frequently look at NBA rosters to determine if there are young players who have had minimal success or underachieved in their short NBA careers. We all know that Trevor Ariza was one of those players and props to Mitch Kupchak for plucking him out of the Orlando Magic dog house and putting him on this championship squad.

Another player that is in very much the same situation IMHO is Corey Brewer. He is unproven in the NBA. He has been injury prone but hasnt shown much when healthy. He has shown flashes, but most youngsters do. I think Brewer has about half a season to prove himself before the T-Wolves are ready to give up on him. I think after a full season, he will be on the open market for anyone to take. I think he was very much viewed as NBA ready given his college success and the fact he left school after his Junior year. At 23 years old, the time is coming where questions will arise about whether he could play in the NBA at all.

The guy is long, athletic, unselfish and just plays. He has a game very similar to Ariza before Ariza developed his 3-point shot. He could be effective without the ball. I really think he could fit in well with this talented Laker team because he is a complimentary player (exactly what you need when you already have Pau, Kobe, Artest, Odom, Bynum). His game reflects a player who is happy to do "everything else". And on the Lakers, he wont be expected to produce offensely therefore giving him time to develope as Trevor Ariza did.

What would I trade for him?

- I think there are a lot of possibilities to be honest. For one, I believe Kurt Rambis appreciates Luke Waltons value and thinks Walton could have a bigger positive impact on the T-Wolves tomorrow than Corey Brewer has right now. Minny has a young team, that will most likely run the triangle (which is what Walton is praised for). I think they might go for that trade.

- I think that if Morrison shows a lick of promise in the first half and Brewer struggles in Minny, then that is a possible trade also. Morrison averaged 12ppg his rookie season. If he appears to be back to that level of play, which might mean simply being effective when given minutes, then I think Minny would agree to that deal.

- The other option which I dont like as much would be Jordan Farmar. He struggled last year but averaged 9ppg on 46% shooting the year before as a 21 PG. Those are good stats for a young PG. I dont like this option as much because I think Farmar is a better player than he showed this past year. Furthermore, I think in the future he is going to be a consistent 14-17ppg player.

(of course salaries fillers must be added)

One of our biggest helps is that Minny is probably going to be running the same offense as the Lakers. They will be partial to players that know the system. Furthermore, they are not in competition with us, at least not right now. Corey Brewer reminds me so much of Trevor Ariza in Orlando and I hope Mitch could make that deal go down.

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