Deron Williams & Dwight Howard Scenario

Deron Williams & Dwight Howard Scenario

Postby DMoNeY on Thu Jan 19, 2012 1:09 pm

Take this idea as a grain of salt if you wish, but I tried this trade on and I will give you reasons why this would make sense. Here is the link to the trade I tried

Lakers Trade: Andrew Bynum, Metta World Peace, Luke Walton, and Steve Blake
Lakers Receive: Dwight Howard, Hedo Turkoglu

The Orlando Magic essentially get a premier Center in return, a savvy Veteran in Metta, and Luke Walton may retire due to ongoing back issues. They get Blake who is having a good year and can run the PG position pretty well. There maybe included Draft Choices in this deal as well. Orlando also rids itself of a horrific contract that Hedo has in the process. The Lakers get the Center they have wanted and Hedo will be solid for them as the SF.

Lakers Trade: Pau Gasol & Derrick Caracter
Lakers Receive: Deron Williams & Brook Lopez

New Jersey just came out and said that it is unlikely that they will sign Lopez to a long deal, so his future in NJ isn't that great, and Deron Williams may bolt in the off-season. NJ would need approval from Williams to make this deal because there is speculation he may sign with the Mavericks. The Lakers send a very good impact PF in Gasol and I am sure Draft Choices will be involved in this deal as well, and perhaps even one of the Lakers young players like Morris or something

New Jersey Trade: Mehmet Okur
Orlando Receive: Jameer Nelson & Quentin Richardson

New Jersey essentially trades Okur in the final year of his deal and get a solid PG in return in Nelson and a solid SG in Richardson. Orlando gets rid of 2 bad contracts and essentially now has the potential to sign any Free Agent they choose because they will have plenty of cap room after this year.

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Re: Deron Williams & Dwight Howard Scenario

Postby waltonout on Wed Feb 08, 2012 11:08 am

There is no chance anyone of this trades happens.

The Nets won't trade Brook Lopez, until he came back from the injury.They have to evaluate his physical condition and make decission.

There is no way Otis Smith will take all of our scrubs to Orlando, just to get rid of Hedo's contract.The best case scenario for the Lakers is if Fish & Walton retires, and we include MWP to A.Bynum package for Dwight. Then, we have to trade Blake to any team for second round pic and we are all set.

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Re: Deron Williams & Dwight Howard Scenario

Postby venturalakersfan on Fri Feb 17, 2012 8:23 pm

Orlando would rather let Howard walk than to take our crap.
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Re: Deron Williams & Dwight Howard Scenario

Postby waltonout on Sun Feb 26, 2012 12:45 pm

Dwight Howard will be traded to the Nets, just before the deadline and D.Williams will sign a new contract with them too.So, forget about this two. They are out of the market. Here is my ideas of upgrading our team

1. We have to trade J.Kapono to any team for 2-nd round pic ( # 333 )

2. We trade MWP,pic # 333 and our 2-nd round pic to Minnesota for M.Beasley

3. We trade D.Morris, D.Ebanks, Dallas' 1-st round pic ( # 20 - 22 ) and cash to Bobcats for PG D.J.Augustin.
That is very fear deal for both team. The Bobcats gets two young and promising players, as well as first
round pic. The Lakers gets their PG of the future.
D.J. is a FA at the end of this season, so sign & trade deal can work perfectly. He has qualifying offer of
$ 4.3 from Bobcats for 2013. We can offer him 5 years contract, with $ 5.0 mil. for 2013 and a starting job

4. But not least, we have to waive Luke Walton. Enough is enough.

In this scenario, we will still have the $ 8.9 mil. TPE from Lamar, whch we can use to sign Wilson Chandler, when he recive a clearance from the Chinese Basketball Assosiation.

Here is the lineups after all is done.

1. D.J.Augustine (St.Blake) D.Fisher
2. K.Bryant (Goudelock)
3. W.Chandler (M.Barns)
4. M.Beasley (J.McRoberts)
5. A. Bynum (Pau Gasol) Tr.Murphy

With these moves, we solves our three big problems - PG, SF and bench.To fill the roster to 14 or 15, we can always take a players from D-Fenders.

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