Dwight Howard to lakers with a bench and PG realistic deal

Dwight Howard to lakers with a bench and PG realistic deal

Postby ethiomagic24 on Mon Jun 27, 2011 7:40 pm

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Lakers Trade
Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, Steve Blake, and Luke Walton

Magic Trade
Dwight Howard, Hedo turkoglo, Jameer Nelson, and JJ Redick

Laker Lineup
Jameer Nelson/Derek Fisher/Morris/Goudelock
Kobe/JJ Redick/matt barnes
Hedo/Peace/matt barnes/Ebanks

Magic Lineup
Arenas/ Chris Duhon/Steve Blake
jason Richardson/Quentin Richardson
Earl Clark/Luke walton
Pau Gasol/Brandon Bass/Ryan Anderson
Andrew Bynum/Daniel Orton

The Lakers would get the point guard they were looking for. Jameer nelson can spread the floor drive and penetrate, but has also proven to be clutch in the most important situations. Are bench has been upgraded tremendously whether you put Hedo on the bench or World Peace. We have also spread the floor with bonafide shooters like JJ Redick and Nelson. The team as a whole has also gotten faster. We also can't forget that we added Dwight Howard to the mix so our defense will be a beast. The Lakers would have also managed to get rid of Luke Walton everyones favorite Laker lol, but with Phil Jackson gone their is no place for him in Laker land. The only problem is we don't have a back up to Howard at the center, this could easily be fixed by signing a center with the vet min or the mid level exception if it is still there after the lockout. Overall this deal is a no brainer move for the Lakers, the question is whether Orlando would be willing to do it

On the other side of the spectrum Orlando would be getting two dominant bigs in Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol. With Bynum being considered a main option he would only get better and could possibly average 22pts 11rebs and 2.5 blocks on the magic. The magic would also have gilbert arenas and jason richardson starting. if Arenas can get his head straight the magic would be contenders for a championship simply because they would be the biggest team up front, but would also have some amazing shooting from outside. Even with this trade it is hard to determine how the magic's roster would look like simply because a lot of the contracts they have are finished, but with the right signings this team could rise to the top. Last year the magic were ranked 4th in the eastern conference behind the Celtics, Bulls, and Heat. With this trade they would still be right there at the very least, however if they make the right signings and gilbert arenas explodes they can more than challenge the top spot. the magic would be too big for both the heat and bulls. We all know how boozer can't play well against bynum and gasol. Also the Celtics are getting old and they just might fold. the east is wide open and the magic could take it with this trade and some luck. However the loss of Howard will most likely prevent them from doing such a trade like this, but i think this is the best offer they can get, in less Lebron is available.

Thanks for reading
let me hear what you think good or bad
and if any tweaks should be made.

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Re: Dwight Howard to lakers with a bench and PG realistic deal

Postby therealdeal on Mon Jun 27, 2011 7:48 pm

^ It's going to be hard enough to get Orlando to sign off on Howard/Turkoglu.

What you're proposing will be basically trading half of each team to each other. I think it'd make more sense to just stick to Howard/Turkoglu for Bynum/Odom.

Then the team looks like this-
Artest/Barnes/Ebanks/(hopefully not) Walton
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