If Eddie Jones is waived....

If Eddie Jones is waived....

Postby TalkieWalkie on Sat Jan 20, 2007 2:26 am

Hearing whispers of Eddie Jones close to being waived by the Grizzlies...

If you were running the Lakers, would you try to pick this man up?
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Postby JP on Sat Jan 20, 2007 5:22 am

I like Eddie but I saw him play this season and it seems like his career is over
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Postby KB24 on Sat Jan 20, 2007 5:28 am


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Postby Weezy on Sat Jan 20, 2007 11:36 am

KB8@CL wrote:no
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Postby John3:16 on Mon Jan 22, 2007 7:45 am

Weezy wrote:
KB8@CL wrote:no
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Postby Critical Beatdown on Mon Jan 22, 2007 10:37 am

KB8@CL wrote:no
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Postby Steez on Mon Jan 22, 2007 11:25 am

I doubt they waive him. He is making 15 million this year... he is salary cap relief... they can use him for a trade or just cap relief.
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Postby Alpha on Fri Jan 26, 2007 4:52 pm

i say yes. get rid of either mckie or shamu and pick up eddie for vet min. he will satisfy pj's desire for vets and should be able to aid kobe in perimeter D. plus i think he would be able to help kobe in shouldering the mentoring role for the young team.
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