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Mesomorph wrote:
In The Key wrote:If Mitch signed Aaron McKie, at least we're totally not contradicting ourselves by signing Payton. We're were headed, if Payton buckles down and actually learns the offense unlike a couple years ago when he was got up in the Fab Four show, he'll be great for us. However, what are the chances of him coming back? He probably hates Phil, hates the drama Kobe and the Lakers bring to his personal life, and he can't and wont win a ring in L.A. Be smart. Sign with Phoenix GP.

not entirely. Payton doesn't hate Kobe, he hated the way LA traded his [Swearing is not permitted at Clublakers. You must edit this post prior to submitting.] when he wanted to stay. he wanted to play there last year.

Now he might hate phil for trying to contain his game, then taking him out during certain times, but this is a business. Sometimes you got to work with people you don't like to get the job done. He was more pissed at Laker management though. He knew there wouldn't be no beef once Shaq left

It doesn't matter if he's infatuated with Kobe. He doesn't fit in with the triangle. We saw that last year, he was to stubborn to learn the offense. He's been running for 15 years and I don't think he should stop for L.A., Kobe, Phil, or anyone. Why not sign with a team who's offense and style he's comfortable with?

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