Lakers - Denver (now that the Melo deal is done)

Lakers - Denver (now that the Melo deal is done)

Postby Phil XI on Tue Feb 22, 2011 2:40 pm

Denver now has two problems to solve... 1) Ray Felton is NOT going to be happy being the backup to Ty Lawson, and 2) They are still 4.5 mil over the Luxury Tax which is not somewhere they probably want to be with their star attraction playing in the big Apple.

Trade 1:
PG Felton (7.0) for PG Blake (4.0), choice of rookie Caracter or Ebanks (.47), choice of vet big Theo or Smith (1.35), and Warriors 2nd 2011 (a decent top 40 pick) which they did NOT get in the Melo deal.

Trade 2:
C/PF Anderson (4.53) for TPE.
The savings from trade 1 plus trade 2 gets Denver UNDER the luxury tax and puts them into the sharing pool.

Net deal:
Felton, Anderson
Blake, promising rookie, expiring big, '11 2nd top 40.

Get 17!!
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