Lakers/Orlando/Bulls Trade

Lakers/Orlando/Bulls Trade

Postby jaycody23 on Wed Mar 14, 2012 7:27 pm

Lakers receive D. Howard(Magic) and C. Boozer(Bulls)
Magic receive A. Bynum(Lakers) and L. Deng(Bulls)
Bulls receive P. Gasol(Lakers) and H. Turkoglu(Magic)

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Re: Lakers/Orlando/Bulls Trade

Postby artuditu on Wed Mar 14, 2012 7:47 pm

I spent all day thinking about that kind of trade, Howard and Boozer in LA are risky but definitely look good on paper, Howard gives you height, rebs and great defense, and becomes a 1st/2nd offensive option next to Kobe, Boozer can make a more than decent 3rd option contribution in offense, and he's also younger than Pau. But it may get some time to adjust new teammates, also the team still has a hole at PG position; but Kobe could feel he has a reliable project for the next 3-4 years.

Bulls receive Pau who they really need to win rings NOW, he's the kind of skilled and resourceful 7ft big they need, also Pau could be better fed next to a playmaker (of course Rose is not CP3 nor Rondo, but he's still a PG and delivers 8 assist per game).

Pau has a very big contract but Bulls have the flexibility to manage it because they have a very young star in Derrick Rose and they are a big market, in 2014 they can resign Pau for much less money, or just don't resign him. In any case Rose will be at his prime.

Problem is, I don't see the Bulls wanting to sacrifice that much of their core team, giving away Deng is too risky, and even more to exchange it for another big contract such as Turkoglu's, much more overpaid than Gasol's. They want to win rings now and trading 2 staters is not a safe bet if you're worried about chemistry less than 2 months away from playoffs.

Of course for Orlando it would be a great trade, two young all star players... too good to be true.

IMHO other pieces should play for this to come true, minor players, fillers, and Odom's TPE (I don't remember if it's still available).

But... the biggest question is are you really sure Howard will resign for the Lakers? He actually looks very obsessed about not being compared with Shaq...
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